Texas Interlock Forms

Smart Start is a trusted provider of certified Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) in the Lone Star State, assisting you through the Texas Department of Public Safety‘s portal. If you’re navigating the requirements of an IID program due to a DUI conviction, have a license suspension, or if you have an Interlock restricted license in Texas. The portal can also help you with IID exemptions.

From El Paso to Houston, Amarillo to Corpus Christi, and all points in between, Smart Start is here to support you!

Texas Transportation Code 521.246 has specific procedures for IID programs and license reinstatement. We offer a smooth experience to help you regain your driving privileges and get back on the road safely! Our guidance simplifies the Texas Department of Public Safety‘s requirements, ensuring you meet all necessary criteria for IID program enrollment.

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With over 1,800 installation service locations nationwide, we make accessing all the resources you need for your interlock device a hassle-free process. Simply contact the service location nearest you for your interlock forms using our Smart Start installation location tool. Also, our FAQ section will answer most of your questions about Ignition Interlock forms and more. As we update the FAQ portal regularly, check back often for new entries.