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Protect Families with SmartMobile

SmartMobile portable breath alcohol testing adds a valuable layer of security in family law cases, especially when children are involved.

If you are enrolled or are an attorney/court representing a client in the Family Law Program, and need to make changes to your account, email familylaw@smartstartinc.com.

SmartMobile: A Flexible Family-Law Solution

SmartMobile™ is our discreet, handheld portable alcohol monitoring device. It can be customized for any situation where alcohol use can affect a family’s well-being:

  • co-parenting, custody and visitation arrangements

  • reducing the potential for domestic conflict

  • defending against allegations of alcohol use

  • encouraging accountability by the end-user

scheduled or random

customizable test windows

real-time violation alerts

court admissible data

GPS location and facial detection

Superior Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

SmartMobile requires no device purchase. Our low $130 monthly lease includes the device, plus 24/7 customer care. Other companies charge up to $600 up front for a device, and as much as $250 in fees for extra services. Those are all included with SmartMobile.

  • Categories
  • Monthly Fee
  • Device purchase cost
  • Test window changes
  • Compliance review
  • Additional fees
  • Smart Start
  • $130
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • NONE
  • Competitors
  • $150 to $250
  • $250 to $600
  • Up to $25
  • $50
  • Up to $75