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The Smart Choice for
Portable Alcohol Monitoring

SmartMobile™ offers industry-leading features in an easy-to-use, handheld device. It’s a reliable way  to ensure compliance and encourage accountability.

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Coming soon: SmartMobile Insight

SmartMobile sets a high standard for portable alcohol monitoring, but soon we’ll be introducing its sleek sibling: SmartMobile Insight™.

SmartMobile Insight offers the same robust portable breath-alcohol testing in a discreet, pocket-sized device that features an intuitive three-button interface.

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Customized scheduling and real-time alerts

SmartMobile can be tailored specifically for your client with scheduled, random, or on-demand testing, plus automatic retests after a violation.
It’s easy to adjust testing windows anytime.

You can also set up text or email alerts for missed tests or violations.
Choose from real-time or daily notifications – whichever you prefer.

One-stop access to client info through SmartWeb

Our SmartWeb™ case management solution lets you view information about your Smart Start clients from a single online platform. You can easily view a client’s testing history and account information, generate and print customized reports, or have them automatically emailed to multiple recipients.

SmartMobile data exceeds standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for evidentiary purposes. Test results are readily accepted during a court proceeding.

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Easy pricing – no confusing plans

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Facial detection & optional GPS location

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Built-in cell connection; no phone required

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At-a-glance access to testing history

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Onboard data storage for upload anytime

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Durable & robust, with long battery life

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Multilingual Customer Care, available 24/7

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Portable solution from the alcohol-testing leader

How can SmartMobile make an impact?

SmartMobile is a flexible, dependable way to encourage accountability and compliance in:

  • Pretrial & probation
  • Family law cases
  • Community supervision
  • Specialty courts
  • Evidence-based actions
  • State & local programs

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