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Fleet and Commercial Ignition Interlock

Trust Smart Start to protect your vehicles and people

Smart Start is the Commercial and Fleet Ignition Interlock leader

Smart Start has protected more than 1 million clients for nearly three decades with the leading Ignition Interlock. That’s not just personal vehicles, but fleet and commercial Ignition Interlock users as well.

It’s important to know that your employees, vehicles and cargo are safe wherever they go. With Smart Start’s leading Ignition Interlock Devices, you know that drinking and driving won’t be a problem.

Contact our Ignition Interlock specialists today and see how we can keep your vehicles rolling safely!

“I wanted to follow up and say thank you. The day after you and your team left, we had a foreman not be able to start his truck from the remnants of the night before… he blew a .045. Thanks to your device, we would not have caught this.”