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Treatment Centers/DUI Schools

DUI cases often require you to attend an Alcohol Awareness or other similar classes. These classes serve to teach you more about the situation, what the dangers of alcohol are, and how to take the right steps towards moving on.

If you are interested in or required to take an Alcohol Awareness course, contact a Smart Start representative. We can provide a list of recommended schools in your area and give more information on how to get started.


Smart Start is experienced in helping people move on from a DWI, DUI or other troubles caused by alcohol. Our goal is to help you along the way and provide the right tools to get you on your feet.

Smart Start has good relationships with attorneys who are experienced in dealing with these types of issues. 

If you are seeking an attorney to represent your case, contact us and we can help connect to the right person for your situation.


Many insurance companies offer options for drivers facing DWI or DUI charges. However, some require more coverage, payments or other restrictions on insurance. There is also the chance that your insurance provider will not cover your needs after a DWI or DUI.

Smart Start has built relationships with many insurance providers, and knows what is needed to make sure you are a safe, covered driver after a DWI or DUI.

Contact a representative today to find out what steps you need to take towards proper insurance coverage after an incident.