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Ignition Interlock for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Drivers

Drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing have access to the same quality Ignition Interlock program as all of our clients. That’s just one reason why we’re the top choice for Ignition Interlock: No one serves their clients with more care and accommodation.

Modifications help deaf or hard of hearing drivers

Typically, an Ignition Interlock makes a beeping sound to prompt for a random retest. However, the external LED flashes so that clients who are deaf or hard of hearing know that it’s time for a random retest.

Never keep rolling during a random retest

It’s sometimes called a “rolling retest,” but that’s not the right term. Ignition Interlock clients shouldn’t be rolling at all, because it could potentially put them in danger.

When prompted for an Ignition Interlock random retest:

  • Pull off the road safely into an area without traffic.
  • Put the car in park, but don’t turn it off.
  • Provide an Ignition Interlock breath sample.

Your car will never turn off during an Ignition Interlock random retest, no matter what the result.

Just let us know if you’re deaf or hard of hearing

When you schedule your convenient Ignition Interlock installation appointment, our agents will let the service center know that you need an external LED. They’ll install the light along with the Interlock.

They will also provide one-on-one training with a video about our device that shows English or Spanish subtitles.

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