INTERLOCK DEVICE FAQs: Do I have to take a breath test on my Ignition Interlock Device while I am driving?

Now that you have an Ignition Interlock Device, you should be comfortable with how it works, such as taking a test and when it’ll prompt for a test.

After taking your initial test to start your vehicle, your Interlock Device will prompt for a random rolling retest.

What Are Random Rolling Retests?

Rolling retests happen a few minutes after you start driving your vehicle. You will know when you need to take it. The Interlock Device will prompt you by making a sound and displaying the word, BLOW, on its screen. The screen will also show your time remaining to perform the test.

So I am taking a test while driving?

Absolutely. And we’ll tell you why.

Rolling retests are very helpful to you during your program. These tests confirm that you are complying with your court, or state-administered, Interlock Device requirements while you are driving. Initial tests will allow your vehicle to start, but the rolling retests that happen during your drive validate your sobriety while on the road.

The amount of time you have to take this retest is under your state’s regulations, but generally you will have up to six minutes to perform a test. Smart Start highly recommends pulling over and putting your vehicle in park to take the test, even if it only takes a minute.

Rolling retests are under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s Ignition Interlock model specifications. The organization states that,  ‘‘NHTSA does not intend that retests be conducted while the vehicle is moving, but rather while the engine is running with the vehicle stopped in a safe location on the side of the road.’’ (75 Fed. Reg. 61824.) Rolling retests are also included in the Association of Ignition Interlock Program Administrators (AIIPA) and American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) best practices recommendations for Ignition Interlock Devices.

Important Tip

Keep in mind that your Interlock Device will NEVER stop your vehicle during a rolling retest! No state-approved, Interlock Device provider would create this major safety hazard with their products.

Smart Start hopes you continue to have a successful and seamless Interlock Device program. Remember, you can always call our bilingual, 24/7/365 customer care center for assistance.

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