Colorado Ignition Interlock Waiver & Forms

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Application For Reinstatement

This form is submitted by individuals seeking to have their driving privileges reinstated, often after a suspension due to DUI or other violations, and may require the installation of an Ignition Interlock Device as part of the reinstatement conditions.

Smart Start is a reliable source of certified Ignition Interlock Devices and services in Colorado. Download and sign up the forms/waivers required.

Whether you have an Interlock restricted license (limited driving privilege) or required to get an Ignition Interlock program from DUI conviction. We are here to help!

Colorado DUI law requires specific forms and waivers in their Ignition Interlock requirement. We provide hassle-free experience and ensure individuals to regain their driving privileges.

From our straightforward steps and comprehensive information of the necessary paperwork required by the state’s regulations. Our forms cover all essential aspects needed for enrollment in the Ignition Interlock program.

At Smart Start, we understand the importance of clarity in your situation. That’s why our platform offers detailed instructions to minimize any confusion or uncertainty during the sign-up process, list of IID requirements and help install certified Ignition Interlock systems for your vehicle.