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Online Learning Through Smart Start University Provides Easy Access

We’re proud of everything that sets us apart from our competition. However, nothing stands out quite like online learning through Smart Start University.

It’s a unique, on-demand webinar series about our portable alcohol testing and monitoring technology. Smart Start University is an easy way to learn online about portable alcohol monitoring solutions like SmartMobile™ and BreathCheck™. You also get a guided tour of SmartWeb™, our caseload management system.

Learn Online Through Smart Start University

Our passionate team of Business Development Representatives are experts in everything Smart Start has to offer. That includes our leading Ignition Interlock Devices.

But online learning through Smart Start University lets you pick the time that works for you. We know you have a busy schedule, so log in and learn at your convenience.

See How Smart Start University Works

Portable Alcohol Testing and Monitoring – Anytime, Anywhere

Online learning through Smart Start University doesn’t involve a sales pitch. Instead, we help you understand our portable alcohol monitoring solutions by actually showing you how they work.

Our robust suite of technology is more than just comprehensive – it’s easy to use. That’s especially important when you’re trying to keep track of your clients, and your clients are trying to follow their alcohol monitoring requirements.

Once you see what our products can do, you’ll discover the difference they’ll make in your practice. Whether it’s helping your clients to succeed, or more efficiently managing your caseload, we’ve got the solution.

Learn About Portable Alcohol Testing Online at Smart Start University

SmartMobile: Portable Alcohol Monitoring for Family Situations

For years, SmartMobile has been one of the easiest, most dependable portable alcohol monitoring solutions. But a recent study in the United Kingdom helped reinforce its value, especially for family attorneys dealing with domestic situations.

Harrow Council Children’s Services in London, England, used SmartMobile in a groundbreaking trial that monitored alcohol-related behaviors in 75 families. Parents were tested for alcohol use several times a day, helping case managers identify the extent of the problem and ensuring the safety of family members.

Of the parents who participated, 76 percent said they believed SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring for family situations had reduced case managers’ concerns about their families.

Test data is stored on the device, and meets the Frye standard for admissibility of scientific evidence. It doesn’t require a smartphone, since it communicates via cellular network to disclose violations in real-time or in 24-hour reports – whichever you prefer.

What Makes SmartMobile The Best Choice?

BreathCheck: Small, Discreet, Affordable

No bigger than a business card, BreathCheck is the perfect answer for clients who require easy testing and check-in. It works with the Smart Start Client Portal app to provide voice and video detection (in addition to GPS coordinates).

Online learning from Smart Start University gives you an overview of BreathCheck’s features. Then you can learn how BreathCheck works, or send your clients to the entire list of BreathCheck training sessions.

The Power of App-Based Monitoring

SmartWeb Learning Ties it All Together

Any discussion of our product suite has to involve SmartWeb. It is reliable, easy-to-use online case management that lets you and your staff easily manage any client’s program. SmartWeb works on a smartphone, tablet or computer, with Apple and Android operating systems.

It’s an easy, efficient way to:

  • See account status and key program dates for all of your clients.
  • Get a quick overview of a client’s testing history and other notes.
  • Access GPS location, plus create customizable real-time event notifications via text and/or email.
  • Create random or regularly scheduled testing, plus on-demand if the situation calls for it.

Smart Start University: Discover Our Products at Your Own Pace

You can always learn more about our suite of alcohol testing and monitoring products by contacting one of our knowledgeable Business Development Reps.

But Smart Start University is an easy way to understand how our products work, and why they make sense as part of your testing and monitoring strategy.