Client uses SmartMobile for alcohol breath test

Choose Mobile Alcohol Testing with SmartMobile

A recent paper released by the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) emphasizes the growing role of smartphone apps for supervision. That kind of solution is easily available through our app-based BreathCheck™ mobile alcohol testing device.

But the 11-page APPA document also mentions a second mobile alcohol testing approach. The second option is a corporate-owned device rather than a client’s smartphone. We’ve got that covered too, with SmartMobile™.

BYOD vs. Corporate-Owned Mobile Alcohol Testing

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach is what BreathCheck is all about. Your client’s phone is loaded with our Client Portal app, which connects with BreathCheck. It creates an easy, compact testing solution for your clients, using the app’s Check-In capability to know where they are – anytime, anywhere.

We could devote an entire blog post to BreathCheck (and we do). But consider SmartMobile as a robust alternative that fits higher-risk clients. And Smart Start provides the device for a monthly fee, making a smartphone unnecessary.

SmartMobile Has Built-In Cellular Communication

SmartMobile is self-contained. Testing and location data are stored within the device, and it doesn’t require a smartphone or app. Instead, it has built-in cellular capabilities that keep it connected to our SmartWeb™ online case management platform. SmartWeb provides:

  • GPS location data, along with voice and visual identification during mobile alcohol testing.
  • Customization of test schedules, including random or on-demand testing.
  • Text or e-mail alerts that keep you informed about missed tests or violations in real-time or 24-hour reports – whichever you prefer.

So Why Does SmartMobile Make Sense for High-Risk Clients?

The APPA paper points out that while the BYOD approach is generally less expensive, smartphones were not designed purely to be a secure criminal justice monitoring tool. So BreathCheck and Client Portal make sense for clients who want to comply with requirements easily and quickly.

But other clients present a greater level of risk. They either have greater potential for negative behavior as a result of alcohol use, or are highly motivated to defeat any monitoring device. That’s why we created SmartMobile.

The test data stored on SmartMobile meets the Frye standard for admissibility of scientific evidence. Even if the cellular connection is lost, the data is still safely tucked away. From a monitoring standpoint, that’s particularly important for high-risk behaviors. The device also provides automatic retests after an initial violation and lets you impose sanctions immediately when necessary.

While BreathCheck is sleek and small – no bigger than a business card – SmartMobile is larger but still easily fits in hand. It’s a robust device with full keypad and easy-to-read display screen that provides a remarkable level of interactivity with your client.

Selecting the Best Mobile Alcohol Testing Solution

We’ll give the APPA the final word when it comes to choosing a BYOD smartphone app-based solution like BreathCheck, or a corporate-owned device like SmartMobile.

“Agencies should educate themselves on the capabilities and limitations of smartphone applications in general, as well as the pros and cons of corporate-owned vs. BYOD approaches,” the report states. “These solutions, like any other, should be implemented in alignment with evidence-based practices, focusing on the risk/needs of each case.”

No two clients have the same needs. Discover the right mobile alcohol testing solution by contacting your Smart Start Business Development Rep.