Mobile Alcohol Monitoring Makes SmartWeb Valuable

Our SmartWeb™ online platform is the backbone of Smart Start’s mobile alcohol-monitoring technology. We like to think of it as Mission Control not just for Ignition Interlock, but for a robust portfolio of mobile devices like BreathCheck™ or SmartMobile™.

Better yet, it’s an online-based solution. It’s one-stop case management that goes where you go, whenever you need it. If you’ve got a PC, phone or tablet – Android or Apple – you’ve got SmartWeb. It’s easy to work remotely.

That kind of portability is important when your caseload is pulling you in several different directions at once.

Take a Tour of SmartWeb

Ignition Interlock and Mobile Alcohol Monitoring

SmartWeb starts with an intuitive dashboard that gives you a quick, customizable look at all of your accounts. It’s easy to see:

  • At-a-glance, real-time information about a client’s GPS location and testing history.
  • Their account status and key program dates (installation, last service, next service, etc.) – collectively or individually.
  • Any devices being used by the client, including peripherals (like cameras) and cellular information.
  • Any notes you’ve made for an individual account.

SmartWeb Makes Your Workload Easier

No Need to Dig for Data

SmartWeb features an easy search tool that lets you quickly call up individual records. No more scrolling or sorting.

You can also:

  • Quickly filter and analyze specific information like account data and selected events of interest.
  • Easily export or print reports that have all the facts you need.
  • Move easily between accounts through an intuitive, interactive interface.

Take Advantage of Free SmartWeb Training Sessions

Schedules and Testing to Fit Every Client

Each client can present special needs and challenges. You can’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach, especially when a client may be using multiple alcohol-monitoring devices.

SmartWeb gives you drag-and-drop capability to create random, on-demand or regularly scheduled testing. It’s easy to adjust as the situation dictates. No matter the number of clients, you can create programs that fit their needs.

Customizable Smart-Alert® Notification

With customization in mind, you can create Smart-Alerts – individualized notifications of events for Ignition Interlock and portable alcohol monitoring devices via text and/or email. Choose from a list that includes violations, fails, warnings, skipped tests, and attempts to circumvent any device.

You can also create a “Watch List” that lets you focus on specific clients who may require special attention. The information you need is there whenever you need it.

When it comes to managing your DUI and alcohol monitoring cases, we don’t just want to be a solution provider. We’re a resource that helps you keep things running smoothly, whether it’s with Ignition Interlock or portable alcohol monitoring devices.

Talk to your Business Development Representative for more information, including a demonstration. You can also choose from the free training sessions listed below.

SmartWeb Training Sessions

1. Intro to SmartWeb 2. Understanding Your Dashboards
3. Account-Level Detail for Specific Clients 4. GPS and Tracking Client Movement / Check-In
5. Specific Client Details and Reports 6. Changing Client Testing Times and Client Contact
Full SmartWeb Training