Does a Camera Record Me During My Ignition Interlock?

For some state or court requirements, individuals may need to use a camera during their Interlock Device program. But if you’re wondering whether the camera records you as part of your Ignition Interlock program, the answer is simple: No. Never.

How do I know if I need a camera for my Ignition Interlock?

That’s up to your state or local jurisdiction. Not all state Ignition Interlock laws require a camera as part of your program, but be sure you’re in compliance with whatever the requirement may be. Cameras are add-on accessories, and are state or court-regulated. An Ignition Interlock provider should never tell you that a camera is required if the state says it isn’t.

Will an Ignition Interlock camera record me?

Smart Start’s cameras only snap a photo while you are taking your breath tests, and nothing more. We will never use the camera to record you. When you take your test on your Interlock Device, the camera will snap a quick photo, and then it is done. You’ll also get your photo taken during random retests that you’ll perform after you start the vehicle.

Smart Start’s camera is a very small, cube-like shape that will stick on to your windshield. It is not very noticeable and is discreet, just like your Ignition Interlock Device.

Calibration appointments

When you visit a Smart Start service center for your calibration appointment, your Interlock and camera will be “refreshed.” Our qualified technicians do this service to make sure your Interlock and camera are working properly.

Smart Start is here for you to successfully and easily complete your program. That doesn’t include spying on you with a video camera.

For additional information, we cover how cameras can be beneficial to you here in our blog.

If you need an Ignition Interlock Device

Please call our 24/7/365 Customer Care Center at (800) 831-3299 or fill out our quick and simple online form. We’ll set up an installation appointment at a Smart Start service center that’s convenient to you.