Do I have to use this camera with my Ignition Interlock?

Smart Start SSI-20/30 Ignition Interlock Device in Vehicle

Not all Ignition Interlock requirements include a camera. But when it does, this add-on accessory can be more beneficial than you may initially think.

A camera requirement for your program is regulated by your state, not the Ignition Interlock vendor.

The Benefit of a Camera

Do I have to have a camera may be the wrong mindset when considering this important aspect to your Interlock program. Your camera (which is a small, cube-like shape that attaches to your windshield), is fool-proof when it comes to detecting who is taking the Interlock test.

Every time you take your test, the camera will snap a quick shot of you testing with the Device. Keep in mind that our cameras do NOT record you at all! They are answering the question of who is taking the test, not to record you throughout your program.

For example, if you are sharing your vehicle with someone else and they blew a violation, the camera’s snapshot of the test will determine it was not you who took that particular breath test. The picture from your camera can be the difference between a longer suspension, (or even jail time), or having the violation excused with no penalties.

* Important! Every state and court has different Interlock regulations. Check with your monitoring authority for more information and to clarify anything to do with your camera during your program.

In addition, it’s also harder for someone to tamper with their Interlock with a camera. With this feature, you will be able to successfully and easily complete your Interlock program.

Maintain a Normal Routine with an Interlock

Smart Start’s goal is to Separate Drinking From Driving® and keep our roadways safe. Our Ignition Interlock Devices also allow clients to carry on with their lives by continuing to drive and maintaining a routine such as going to work.

Do you need an Interlock Device? No matter what, Smart Start is here for you 24/7/365 throughout your program – including weekends and holidays. We can provide you a quote and set up an install appointment at your nearest Smart Start service center.

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