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Four Powerful Advantages of Smart Start’s Client Portal

Our partners have always been able to count on Smart Start for easy, convenient Ignition Interlock Devices for their clients. You also know that we’re the leader in portable alcohol monitoring through our Smart Mobile™ and BreathCheck™ devices. No matter which solution suits your client’s needs, Smart Start’s Client Portal technology provides clear advantages that make it easy for them to stay focused. And when we make life easier for your clients, it lets you concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Here are four important ways that the Smart Start Client Portal – available online or as an app – can make a client’s life easier. It’s also why Smart Start makes sense for your clients.

1. Easy to Get Started with Smart Start’s Client Portal

If your client is just getting started with Smart Start, the Client Portal makes it easy to begin their Ignition Interlock process. That gets them back on the highway as quickly and safely as possible.

2. Payments are Quick and Flexible

After that, your client can use Smart Start’s Client Portal to manage their payments via phone or computer. That includes:

  • Changing card details or enabling auto-pay from their smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Choosing flexible payment options that suit their budget. Options include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Viewing payment history, and checking due dates for upcoming payments.

3. Trust a Simple Centralized Dashboard

Payment information is just a slice of what’s available through the Client Portal’s intuitive interface. Everything is geared toward helping your client succeed in their alcohol monitoring, leaving you free for other challenges.

Your clients can do more than just update their personal information:

  • Access FAQs and training videos, helping them succeed in their program.
  • Review scheduled test dates and times.
  • Look up the nearest Smart Start location, even when they’re out of town.
  • Purchase Ignition Interlock unlock codes (for jurisdictions where they’re allowed).

4. Manage Multiple Devices

Some of your clients have more than one alcohol-monitoring device. Whether it’s Ignition Interlock or portable monitoring through Smart Mobile or BreathCheck, your client’s accounts can be managed from one centralized source.

They can get started by downloading or creating an account in the Client Portal. They can also call (800) 831-3299 or fill out our online form.

We provide the Client Portal as a way to make life easier for your clients. Because we understand that it also makes life easier for you.