Looking for the Best Ignition Interlock?

Looking for the best Ignition Interlock Device? Finding a top-rated Ignition Interlock Device company is key to experiencing a seamless program. Whether your requirement lasts a few months or a couple of years, you’ll need to be comfortable with your Ignition Interlock and its tests. As you research Ignition Interlock Device companies, you may find that Smart Start comes out as the best over and over again. Whether through a conversation or searching online, Smart Start is the clear winner as the best Ignition Interlock provider.

Here’s a few reasons why you should choose Smart Start to fulfill your Ignition Interlock requirement.

Why Smart Start Has the Best Ignition Interlock Device


No hidden fees. No long-term contracts. No stress on your wallet. That’s the Smart Start way when it comes to pricing.

When you research pricing online, keep in mind that since each state has different Ignition Interlock regulations and requirements, costs can vary. However, other providers could throw in extra fees like shipping, administrative, or labor fees. In typical situations, these hidden fees by other providers hit you when you supposedly pay over the phone and then arrive for your installation appointment that you expected to be free!

You’ll find that Smart Start will always be the fairest with integrity! We make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for and when. Smart Start will always keep our pricing fair, easy and upfront.


Need an Ignition Interlock in your electric vehicle? Or even your motorcycle? Not all providers can offer this service, but Smart Start can as the worldwide leader of Ignition Interlocks! Even for Teslas or BMWs, we don’t turn down an Ignition Interlock installation.

Need an installation appointment fast? Like next-day or same-day fast? Smart Start can meet your scheduling needs. All it takes is calling (800) 831-3299, filling out our online form or signing up for the Client Portal, and we’ll confirm your installation date and time. You can also select your preferred frequency of payment, whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, etc. We can fit your budget needs and requirements.

It doesn’t get more convenient than that!


Since 1992, Smart Start has provided more than a million drivers the right information to get past their DUI. Some states can have difficult steps to take to reinstate your license or fulfill your court order, but we will make the process feel like a breeze. From our technicians to our Customer Care Center to our managers, we offer our clients many passionate experts in their field with years of experience.

Need more reasons to choose Smart Start? Read actual clients’ testimonials on product review site Trustpilot. Our 24/7/365 Customer Care Center experts are also available to answer your questions at (800) 831-3299.

Trust in Smart Start. We’re here to get you back on the road safely and legally with the best Ignition Interlock in the world. There are several ways you can secure an installation appointment: