The Big Reason Why Smart Start Provides the Best Ignition Interlock Service

Smart Start technician finishes Ignition Interlock installation in Sacramento

Isn’t it nice to see the same person for your regular appointments or services? There’s just a certain, unbeatable comfort to know exactly who you are seeing. You trust what they say, they do an excellent job every time, and their service is priced fairly.

This type of comfort is exactly what Smart Start Ignition Interlock clients experience with their technicians, service agents, and anyone else they speak to during their program. It’s why we provide the best Ignition Interlock service in the world.

Welcome to the Smart Start Ignition Interlock Program

If you have a DUI, this experience can create an environment where it might seem overwhelming or embarrassing. But when you visit a Smart Start location, or you’re scheduling an installation appointment with the service agent, you’ll find the warm and nonjudgmental atmosphere is most welcome. At Smart Start, the longevity and consistency of our team throughout the years has been one of the many highlights that puts us above the rest.

For example, one of our team members John has been a Smart Start service center manager for more than 10 years and has a passion for helping others get back on the road safely. Because of his years of expertise and friendly customer service, clients are comfortable with asking him any Interlock questions or if they need any assistance during their program.

Smart Start’s Dedicated and Passionate Ignition Interlock Team

From our technicians, to our Customer Care Center agents, and all the way to our corporate executive team, you will find that our hard-working team members have dedicated themselves to the Smart Start mission for years. This type of dedication brings a lot of perks for our clients, such as knowledgeable tips on next steps and excellent, friendly service that makes the Smart Start Ignition Interlock program feel like a breeze from installation to removal.

Smart Start continues to set itself apart from other providers because of our people. With innovative mindsets and decades’ worth of experience, we’ve brought a program that combines the past and future to include products and software that is unbeatable in the industry.

Smart Start is the company for you if you need an Ignition Interlock provider that you can trust and a friendly face you see every time you visit the service center. With many service locations, a team who knows all the Ignition Interlock laws and the fairest pricing throughout the U.S., you’ll find that your Ignition Interlock requirement is the easiest piece of the DUI puzzle.

Get Back on the Road and Receive the Best Ignition Interlock Service

Need to schedule a Smart Start Ignition Interlock installation? Get back on the road today by calling (800) 831-3299 or by filling out our online form.