The Benefits of an Optional Interlock Device


You may be thinking of extra safety measures while loved ones, or your teenage children, are behind the wheel. Voluntarily installing an Interlock Device for your vehicle or a child’s is an added step to ensuring their wellbeing and everyone else’s.

Why Interlocks?

Interlock Devices are the best technology worldwide to prevent drunken driving. Most Interlock Devices, such as Smart Start’s, have fuel cell technology, which is specific to analyzing breath alcohol content (BrAC.).

Smart Start’s Optional Program

Smart Start offers voluntary Interlock Device programs. We’d be happy to alleviate your concerns by making sure a loved one is not drinking and driving, even when you are not present. Plus, many auto insurance companies in certain states will lower premiums for the voluntary use of an Interlock Device, such as Oregon.

Drinking and driving is deadly for everyone, but teenagers have an especially riskier rate of getting in a crash that could involve bodily injury or death. Young drivers are 17 times more likely to die in a crash when they have a .08 BAC level than when they have not been drinking.

Keep in mind that the legal limit for teenage drivers (under 21 years of age) is not .08. In fact, it is illegal nationwide for someone under 21 to have any alcohol in their system while driving.

You can also view your child’s test result reports and make sure everything is going well throughout their Interlock program. The length of the program is up to you.

Do you want to install an Interlock Device? Call Smart Start at 800-831-3299 and we will set you up with an appointment at your closest service center. You can also fill out our quick and simple online form, and we will have a team member reach out to you with a quote.