SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring device

U.K. Study: Portable Alcohol Monitoring in Family Situations

As the worldwide leader in alcohol testing and monitoring, we understand that alcohol-related behaviors often play a huge role in domestic issues for your clients. Portable alcohol monitoring in family situations can be a valuable tool in securing the well-being of children and parents.

That’s why we created SmartMobile™. It’s a customizable, portable alcohol monitoring device for families that can help everyone feel more secure in a wide range of circumstances. It’s more robust – and typically less expensive – than other alcohol monitoring alternatives. A recent study in the United Kingdom helped prove how valuable SmartMobile can be in domestic situations.

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A Solution Backed by Positive Results

Harrow Council Children’s Services in London, England, used SmartMobile in a groundbreaking trial that monitored alcohol-related behaviors in 75 families. Parents were tested for alcohol use several times a day, helping case managers identify the extent of the problem and ensuring the safety of family members.

Of the parents who participated, 76 percent said they believed SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring for family situations had reduced case managers’ concerns about their families. A number of case managers agreed:

  • “The accountability sustained by the device was absolutely vital in the mother’s continued abstinence.”
  • “The device was able to empower the mother and inform the social worker’s assessment with rich and reliable data.”
  • “(SmartMobile) supports the mother in order to emphasize boundaries after a relapse.  She continues to access substance abuse therapy.”

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Rich Information, Real-Time Notification

SmartMobile is the most versatile, customizable solution on the market. Working in concert with our SmartWeb™ online case management technology, it provides:

  • GPS location data, along with visual verification during testing.
  • Customization of test schedules, including random or on-demand tests.
  • Text or e-mail alerts that keep you informed about missed tests or violations in real-time or 24-hour reports – whichever you prefer.
  • Robust cellular connection to SmartWeb, without relying on a phone or app.

SmartWeb & Mobile Alcohol Monitoring

Court Admissible Data is Stored Onboard

In many cases, it’s important to show that your client has been adhering to any rules involving alcohol consumption as part of custody or support claims. The test data stored on SmartMobile meets the Frye standard for admissibility of scientific evidence.

How Can SmartMobile Help Your Clients?

Learn more by contacting your Smart Start Business Development Rep. They can show you the difference between SmartMobile and other less-rigorous solutions that provide portable alcohol monitoring for family situations. You can also learn more about SmartMobile through our online learning sessions at Smart Start University.