Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth Helps Our Partners & Clients

Just because we’re the leader in Ignition Interlock Device (IID) technology doesn’t mean we get to rest on our accomplishments. Our latest enhancement – Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth connectivity – puts us that much farther ahead.

Remember that any Ignition Interlock technology is subject to certification and clearance from state authorities. But here are some advantages for our partners and our clients.

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How Does Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth work?

Traditionally, a client’s test results are stored in the Ignition Interlock Device. They’re uploaded to our SmartWeb™ management platform for monitoring authorities whenever an IID is calibrated at a service center. Authorities then use SmartWeb to get a look at their client’s activity.

Some states require a modem for real-time transmission of data directly to SmartWeb through a cellular connection. However, since everyone has Bluetooth on their smartphone, it offers a streamlined alternative to the modem. Now, the data is sent directly to a client’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and is then uploaded to SmartWeb.

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The Value of the Client Portal App

Using Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth requires our Client Portal app on the client’s phone. It keeps monitoring authorities informed by sending the client’s data in real time.

Depending on state laws, Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth adds a new dimension of convenience for clients. When paired with Client Portal, a client can have their device lockout cleared remotely without having to visit a service center.

Also, the Client Portal app provides important information to the client and allows them to:

  • Update their account information, such as change of address.
  • View their billing history and change their payment schedule.
  • Make payments through their phone, or choose our handy autopay.

Even if a client isn’t using Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth, our Client Portal app makes their life easier. It adds control and flexibility to their account. The Client Portal app is available by searching for Smart Start Client Portal on Google Play or the App Store.

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Benefits for Monitoring Authorities

Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth has three major benefits for monitoring authorities:

  • Test results are available immediately through SmartWeb, allowing for quick notification or correction of a client’s activity.
  • GPS tracking shows where a client took their test, and provides real-time location data.
  • Client Portal makes it easier to ensure that clients are following their Ignition Interlock requirements.

The technology has been certified by Washington state. Also, it is currently under review for certification by other states. Smart Start’s partners can contact their Business Development Representative to learn more about Ignition Interlock with Bluetooth.