Colorado Interlock Circumvention: Everything Drivers Need to Know

Guest Contributor: Tiftickjian Law Firm

The purpose of an Ignition Interlock Device is not just allowing an individual with a revoked license to get back on the road sooner. These devices also protect the public by keeping a driver with a prior DUI conviction from getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking.

So, it stands to reason that Colorado Interlock circumventions have serious penalties.

What Is Colorado Interlock Tampering?

Colorado law prohibits anyone (not just Interlock-restricted drivers) from tampering with an Interlock device.

Tampering includes disabling, bypassing, or interfering with the device, or assisting someone else in doing so. A restricted driver can be charged with tampering if they operate a vehicle with a device the driver knows has been tampered with, even if the restricted driver does not do the tampering themselves.

Colorado Interlock manufacturers design their devices to make tampering almost impossible, and, in many cases, the device will detect when someone attempts to alter the electronics. If the device reports any evidence of tampering, the inspector must advise the Colorado DMV within five days, and loss of driving privileges is likely to result.

What is Interlock Circumvention?

Circumvention occurs when an Interlock-restricted driver operates a vehicle that is not equipped with an Interlock device or improperly operates an Interlock-equipped vehicle. Circumvention also includes driving someone else’s car or asking a non-intoxicated friend to provide a breath sample.

Like tampering, circumvention is a Class 1 Traffic Misdemeanor. A law enforcement officer issuing a citation for circumvention is authorized to confiscate the restricted driver’s license and submit a violation report to the DMV to prevent the restricted driver from further operating the vehicle.

What Are the Penalties for Colorado Interlock Circumvention or Tampering?

As mentioned above, Interlock circumvention and tampering are Class 1 Traffic Misdemeanors in Colorado, and either charge comes with serious penalties.

A conviction for either results in:

  • 10 days to 12 months of jail time
  • Fines between $300 and $1,000, or both

Additionally, upon a conviction, either one of these situations will happen, based on which one lasts longer:

  1. The DMV will revoke the restricted license, with the revoked driver ineligible for reinstatement for one year


  1. The remaining period of restraint will be imposed prior to the issuance of the restricted license

Charges of Interlock circumvention in Colorado are particularly difficult to defend. This is because the statute does not permit plea bargaining unless the prosecuting attorney represents to the court that the prosecution would be unable to present a prima facie case for conviction at trial.

Prima facie means a defendant charged with circumvention cannot plea down to a lesser offense unless the prosecutor is willing to admit that there is insufficient evidence to lead to a conviction for circumvention.  

What Should You Do If You Have Been Charged with Interlock Circumvention?

Anyone facing charges of circumventing or tampering with an Interlock device in Colorado should retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

If there is any question as to whether circumvention actually occurred, the criminal court is the place to contest the charge. You cannot contest a license revocation with the DMV if you have been convicted criminally, so fighting these charges on the front end is critical if you want any hope of retaining driving privileges.

Having an experienced Colorado DUI attorney identify the weak points in the prosecution’s case and advocate on your behalf at trial can be the difference between a successful defense and losing driving privileges for a year or more (not to mention fines and even jail time).

A driver whose Interlock-restricted license has been revoked due to a conviction or guilty plea can request a subsequent DMV hearing. However, by law, the matters which can be raised with the DMV are limited to whether the revocation should be sustained and for how long it should last.  The hearing officer has little discretion; if a driver is convicted of Interlock circumvention, the DMV is required to revoke the restricted license.  And if a criminal court has already determined that the circumvention occurred, the DMV will be bound by that ruling.

If a driver is revoked based on an administrative finding, it is important for the driver to request a hearing to contest that revocation.

Interlock restrictions are intended to promote the safety of the driver and the public at large. Interlock circumvention puts both the driver and other motorists or pedestrians at risk.


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North Carolina: Community Event, Safety City, Includes Interactive, Drunk Driving Education

The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP), along with other organizations, had a booth at the state fair in Raleigh that visitors won’t easily forget. With a focus on road safety, one of the various topics attendees learned about included drunk driving education, which could be life-saving knowledge.

What Was at Safety City?

The various features at the Safety City booth were interactive but also informative. All the different stations at the booth showed the dangers that affect our roads, such as distracted, reckless and drunken driving.

Participants could:

  • Ride the seat belt convincer to learn about seat belt security and experience a crash simulation
  • Tour the B.A.T. Mobile, a breath alcohol testing unit with a mobile lab and magistrate’s court room. These units are used at checkpoints throughout North Carolina to identify and remove impaired drivers off the road.
  • Wear alcohol impairment goggles, and
  • Take the Vision Zero pledge

Who Were the Organizations Involved in Safety City?

NC Vision Zero is an organization launched by Former Governor McCrory of North Carolina. They fight to combat and prevent road-related deaths in the state. Their goal is to cut roadway fatalities in half within the next 15 years. But ultimately, they want zero deaths on North Carolina’s roads.

Safety City includes NC Vision Zero, MADDSafe KidsBikeSafeBeRailSafeWatch for Me, the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, and various law enforcement organizations.

Road Fatality Stats

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “one-third of fatal teen crashes occur at night, and over half of those crashes happen between 9 a.m. and midnight.” Not only that, but drunk driving deaths overall have unfortunately increased for the second subsequent year in a row.

Local events such as Safety City remind communities why we need to pay more attention to the dangers of behavior like drunk driving. Sharing the mission of keeping all roadways safe, Ignition Interlocks are the only tools available to physically stop someone from starting their car if they’re too drunk.

Smart Start shares in Safety City’s goal to bring safer roads to not only North Carolina, but the entire country’s as well.

Need an Ignition Interlock?

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Are You Ready for December’s National Impaired Driving Prevention Month?

Impaired driving is on an unfortunate rise in the U.S. Drunk driving fatalities specifically have increased for the past two consecutive years.

That’s why various organizations have designated December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month to promote more awareness about stopping this dangerous behavior. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) take this time of year to urge everyone to celebrate safely this holiday season. They are also urging local elected officials to look at what’s working, such as DWI Courts and supervising technology, to combat impaired driving.

Best Practices to Combat Impaired Driving

National Impaired Driving Month every year addresses the root problem for repeat offenders and high blood alcohol content drivers, which is addiction. They make sure that everyone should be aware of best practices in combating these unfortunate choices, especially elected officials who can improve DWI/DUI programs in their area. For example, the campaign’s members work to enhance DWI Courts, which have been proven to be a great success in the treatment for those who must attend them.

DWI Courts can save lives by promoting a long-term recovery plan from alcohol and drug addiction. There are currently 726 DWI Courts throughout the U.S. that help those who need to attend through treatment, close supervision and accountability. In fact, DWI Courts have reduced recidivism by 60 percent since its inception.

Methods to Reduce Impaired Driving Deaths

The National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC) and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) also promote best practices in reducing impaired driving deaths.

Several methods they recommend to courts include:

  • Screen and assess all driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenders
  • Expand and improve DWI Courts
  • Increase evidence-based supervision technology

The third tactic includes Ignition Interlocks, which are car breathalyzers for some people convicted of a DUI. All-offender Ignition Interlock laws have been proven to reduce recidivism rates. There are currently 30 states and D.C who implement this type of Ignition Interlock law.

Ignition Interlocks can keep roads safe, but they must be more active in states and counties that have lax Ignition Interlock laws. Smart Start joins these organizations to promote National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in the hopes to raise awareness, and see a safer future on our roads.

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Smart Start Reaches 25 Years of Superior Ignition Interlock Device Customer Service

It’s official. Smart Start reached 25 years. In celebration, we’d like to share why Smart Start is the ultimate provider for our clients.

Smart Start’s Story

In 1992, Smart Start began in Irving, Texas with four employees.

The inspiration came about when the founders realized their ranch hand, who needed an Ignition Interlock, could not rely on its technology at the time. The device was faulty, and prevented their ranch hand from getting to work on time, which cut into his everyday routine.

Smart Start Paves the Way for Reliable Ignition Interlocks

Smart Start began distributing accurate and easy-to-use Ignition Interlock Devices to their clients, and it made a world of difference. Clients who needed an Ignition Interlock Device could now take simple breath tests, and continue to drive while having the ability to get to work or school with no hassle. Alcohol-specific, fuel cell technology was developed, and Smart Start integrated this into their devices to perform seamlessly for clients.

Fast-forward to 2017, and Smart Start now serves more than a million clients with 600+ employees. What started as only operating in eight states in 2002, for example, has become 46 states today.  Not only that, but 11 billion safe starts have occurred with Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock.

Our story is about the mission we all share in providing reliable technology and making our roads safer. We are one of the largest Ignition Interlock Device companies and have been a part of the alcohol monitoring industry longer than others. If you need an Ignition Interlock company that knows the DUI/DWI process in and out, and can assist you with anything about your device, Smart Start is your answer.

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Who Manufactures Your Ignition Interlock Device (IID), and Why is It Important?

There are several reasons someone will choose one Ignition Interlock Device (IID) vendor over the other. They can include price, location and customer service. However, there’s one important and convenient factor to Smart Start’s process that may leave you second-guessing your other choice of vendor.

The factor is this:

Smart Start is a vendor with fully-integrated breath alcohol Ignition Interlock and portable device service. This means any service related to your IID, from installation, to repair, to monitoring, removal and everything in-between, is handled by Smart Start.

To be specific, Smart Start takes care of these important processes that leave you, the client, with a reliable IID and program.

  • Installation
  • Monthly services or calibrations
  • Removal
  • Manufacturing and repair
  • Distribution
  • Database and client account services
  • Customer service (24/7/365 availability, including weekends and holidays) 

Why is a Full-Service Ignition Interlock Manufacturer Important to You?

There are some IID vendors who do not have a fully integrated service to offer their customers. As a result, this can cause issues during your program when it should be a seamless process that that does not get in the way of your everyday routine. Plus, Smart Start customizes their IID programs to the laws and requirements of your state or county.

Smart Start’s all-in-one Ignition Interlock Device services are also U.S.-based with nearly 2,000 service locations, and we provide more than 25 years’ experience and knowledge in assisting our clients. In addition, we’ve provided our IIDs to more than a million clients.

If you are on the hunt for the right Ignition Interlock, Smart Start can provide you a discreet and affordable device with easy tests.

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Got a DUI in Illinois? Here’s the Possible Situations

Chicago and Suburban Area DUI Attorney

Illinois is one of the few states that penalizes a driver with a driver’s license suspension “automatically” and “up front” (before resolution of his case) when arrested for DUI.

A DUI in Illinois

Our client, Mr. Johnny Walker, is arrested on the morning of January 1st, 2018. The officer provides Johnny with several documents, including but not limited to:

  1. His DUI and traffic citations;
  2. A Warning to Motorist, and
  3. A Notice of Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS)

What Do These Documents Advise?

The Warning to Motorist advises Johnny that if he is a “FIRST OFFENDER” and IF his BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) is over .08, his driver’s license will be valid from the date of arrest and the following 45 days.

On February 16, the 46th day after the date of arrest, Johnny’s driver’s license will be suspended for six months, unless Johnny REFUSED the breath, blood or urine test request. In that case, Johnny will have a suspension period that lasts 12 months.

If Johnny goes to the circuit court and successfully challenges his Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS), then Johnny will not need a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) in his car. The license suspension will be removed from his record. No device, no limitation as to vehicles he can drive and best of all, nothing to explain to other people who may ride in the vehicle with Johnny and no personal embarrassment.

What If Johnny Loses His Suspension Hearing?

If Johnny is unsuccessful in his quest to overturn the DUI suspension (SSS) and he wants to drive during the suspension period, he must obtain an MDDP (Monitoring Device Drivers Permit). This requires him to only drive vehicles with a BAIID inside it. The IL SOS will send Johnny a letter telling him how to go about obtaining this device and thus get his permit to drive.

Obtaining the permit is very easy. Johnny in most cases must only pay monitoring fees to the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS) and have the BAIID installed in the vehicle. Even though Ignition Interlock technology is similar, not all Ignition Interlock providers are equal.

I have found that an Interlock provider with many convenient local installation locations and a personal company liaison are the most helpful.

MDDP Driving Is (Almost) Unlimited

When granted, the MDDP will allow Johnny to drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any reason, anywhere he’d like to drive, at any time of day or night and as much as he’d like to drive. The ONLY limitations upon Johnny is that he is limited to that identified vehicle* with the BAIID, and he cannot consume any alcoholic beverages prior to driving.

*If Johnny drives a company car or company truck he can obtain permission from the Illinois SOS and his employer to operate those vehicles without a BAIID, but he will still be required to install a BAIID in his personal vehicle. There are a few stipulations that may prevent Johnny from receiving this privilege, such as: being self-employed, taking the vehicle home after work hours, and/or is allowed to drive the company vehicle for personal reasons.

What About Second Offenses?

If Johnny is a second (2nd) offender (within five years of a previous DUI, previous DUI reduction to Reckless Driving, Reckless Driving or previous DUI suspension) then the same effective timeline applies, but Johnny receives a longer suspension.

  1. 12-month suspension if Johnny provided a breath, blood or urine sample that revealed a BrAC or BAC of .08 or greater, or a positive lab result for some prohibited drug or THC more than 5 nanograms.
  2. If Johnny had “refused” the test, he would receive a 3-year suspension.
  3. If Johnny is beyond the five (5) year-period between DUI offenses, then he will receive a notice from the Illinois SOS that he is a “FIRST OFFENDER”. In reality, he is only a “FIRST OFFENDER” for purposes of the length of driver’s license suspension and obtaining the MDDP.

What If Johnny Does Not Qualify for an MDDP?

In either of these instances OR if Johnny is convicted of the DUI and his driver’s license is revoked, then he does NOT qualify for an MDDP and cannot “automatically” get a permit to drive.

Johnny must petition the IL SOS (at a separate physical location and a separate proceeding that has no effect on the current DUI case). Obviously, before the IL SOS would consider granting relief to Johnny under these circumstances Johnny would have had to obtain a DUI evaluation, completed treatment and have some substantial proof of life changes, including but not limited to 6-12 months of abstinence and/or a reduced pattern of consuming alcohol or drugs.

However, if Johnny is successful at the Illinois SOS, he may obtain an RDP (Restricted Driver’s Permit). The RDP allows Johnny to drive for the following tasks:

A. To/from work and work-related driving;
B. To/from child care;
C. To/from treatment, counseling, A.A.;
D. To/from medical treatment(s);
E. To/from school;
F. To/from religious participation.

Before Johnny gets his various RDPs, he must install a BAIID in his car and generally maintain it for one to five years. In the instance that five years is required it must be FIVE CONSECUTIVE UNINTERRUPTED YEARS. If the period is interrupted, the 5-year period re-sets and begins anew. No joke. No re-dos. Johnny has just re-upped for 5 additional years with a BAIID in Illinois.

What If Johnny Is Revoked for Life?

Under certain instances, such as a driver with four or more DUI convictions, this driver cannot ever obtain full driver’s license reinstatement and is revoked for life. He can petition the Illinois SOS through a Formal Hearing to attempt to obtain an RDP after a minimum 5 years’ revocation and 3 years of documented, uninterrupted sobriety. If successful, that driver will need the BAIID for life! They will also need to have an annual hearing to extend that RDP.

Are RDPs Like MDDPs?

RDPs are far more difficult to obtain than an MDDP. There are restrictions in time, scope, distance and reason. You must be driving for the permit’s identified use such as work, child care, etc. You must also be within the applicable mileage and time limits on the permit. Your permit is also only valid on select days. If caught outside ANY of the terms of the permit the driver will be charged with Driving While License is Revoked. In these instances, the offense could be a misdemeanor but far more likely to be a FELONY DWLR. In that instance you may be looking at extended jail time, or, in many instances, prison time. A driver granted an RDP would be well advised to strictly adhere to the limits of their RDP.

Interlocks (BAIIDs) Make Roads Safer and Contributes to A Robust Economy

BAIIDs prove to contribute to many positive changes to the driver and others on the road. A BAIID:

  • Reduces recidivism and fatalities
  • Eliminates new DUIs
  • Protects the driver
  • Frees up law enforcement to concentrate on other matters, and
  • Makes the road safer for other drivers

It seems antiquated to limit the time, scope, area and type of driving that the SOS allows to an RDP holder since the BAIID IMMEDIATELY STOPS drunk driving in its tracks. Interlock, or BAIID, technology allows the revoked driver to support themselves and their family by being able to maintain employment, share in the household family responsibilities and continue to be positively contributing to their family, the community and the economy.


Jerald Novak
Illinois DUI Criminal Defense Attorney
Serving Lake, Cook, DuPage, Will and Kane Counties

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SERIES: Family Drug Courts and How They Help

What happens when a family is torn apart by alcohol and drug abuse? Is there any way to recover and bring parents and children together again?

Family dependency treatment court is also commonly referred to as family drug courts. The National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) states that these types of courts address select abuse, neglect, and dependency cases where parental substance abuse is a primary factor.

What Are Family Drug Courts?

Using the drug court model as an established system that works, family drug courts have a mission to keep families together in a safe environment.

For instance, the court will address the child’s best needs through the appropriate individuals, such as involving child protection services, attorneys, and service and treatment personnel. They also provide parents the necessary support and services to be drug and alcohol-free.

How Do Family Drug Courts Help Keep Families Together?

Family drug court plays a big part in the cases where parents need to reclaim their lives and maintain long-term recovery from substance abuse.

At times, the court judge may require a portable alcohol monitoring device for those who need to prove their recovery. In these cases, Smart Start’s S.M.A.R.T. Mobile is an easy-to-use, portable and affordable device that the judge may issue to the individual.

Specialty courts have been in effect for the past 20 years. They prove from the past two decades to change peoples’ lives for the better. Smart Start is honored to share the courts’ goals and change lifestyles with the proper tools and treatment.

Specialty Courts Series

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How Do I Fix My Ignition Interlock Device When It’s Too Cold?

The cold season is upon us in the U.S.  Some areas are warmer than others, but if you live in a state where the winters are extremely cold, you may be worrying about your Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle. Do not worry! Smart Start can provide you tips about the cold weather and your Ignition Interlock.

Smart Start Ignition Interlocks are designed in a way that’s convenient to clients who live in colder states. If your device is too cold, it will start heating up and the screen will display HEATING. Usually, this will only take about three to five minutes for your device to get back to its proper temperature.

Keeping the Ignition Interlock in Cold Weather Warm

There’s one tactic you can use to keep your device warm enough when you start your vehicle again.

Most states allow you to disconnect the head unit from the curly cord to avoid your device getting too cold. Keep in mind that you can only disconnect your head unit while your vehicle is off.

You could take the head unit inside with you in your purse or bag, and leave it inside your home overnight for example. In the morning when you’re ready to drive, connect your head unit to the cord and it will initialize, then be ready for your initial test.

IMPORTANT! There are a couple states that don’t allow you to disconnect the head unit from the curly cord. If you are in this state, do NOT disconnect your device!

List of States That DON’T Allow You to Disconnect the Head Unit (As of This Blog’s Publish Date)

  • Wisconsin
  • New York

Our Ignition Interlock Devices’ warm-up times only take a few minutes, so if you are in these two states, you’ll be on the road in less than 10 minutes.

Check Your Car Battery

Another tip is to ensure your car battery is working properly for the cold weather. Your Ignition Interlock can check your battery voltage for you. Just press the # sign and the number 2 on your keypad. If it is below 12 volts, you may have some issues providing a test because of your car battery. Keep this in mind if you see your results are near or below 12 volts!

As always, if you have any questions related to your Ignition Interlock program, including weather-related situations, you can reach out to our Customer Care Center. Our support team is available 24/7/365, even during weekends and holidays, to help you.

Need a Reliable Ignition Interlock?

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4 Reasons Why Smart Start Reached 1 Million Ignition Interlock Clients

Smart Start hit a major milestone this year by becoming the first Ignition Interlock vendor to reach one million clients. If you’ve heard of Ignition Interlocks, you’ve probably heard of Smart Start with the infamous stoplight logo. We are everywhere throughout the U.S. providing for our clients, and we are becoming even bigger worldwide with a presence in 18 countries.

There’s several reasons why so many people go with Smart Start for their Ignition Interlock program, but here are the top four.

  1. The Most Helpful Ignition Interlock Customer Service

    Smart Start’s Customer Care Center is available 24/7/365. There are many steps during an Ignition Interlock program that may seem daunting, such as the need to transfer your device to another vehicle, or if you need your car serviced at a mechanic shop. All these concerns can be addressed with our Customer Care Center team. In fact, we ensure all our clients experience a seamless and easy Ignition Interlock program from installation to removal.

  2. A Reliable Ignition Interlock

    The SSI-20/20™ and SSI-20/30™ Ignition Interlocks are state-approved with a discreet size and appearance and easy test patterns. Both devices are also manufactured with fuel-cell technology, which provides the most accurate alcohol monitoring to date.

  1. Locations Near You Wherever You Are in the U.S.

    Smart Start is one of the biggest Ignition Interlock vendors in the world. We have many conveniently located service shops for our clients throughout the U.S., whether they are in urban or rural areas.

  1. Unbeatable Years of Experience

    Smart Start is also one of the first Ignition Interlock providers. Since 1992, we’ve been providing our clients expert advice regarding their Ignition Interlock. From our service technicians to our executive team, many Smart Start employees have worked in the Ignition Interlock field for more than 20 years. Clients feel reassured when they learn Smart Start’s staff have been in the business for years. They are also well-versed in their state’s Ignition Interlock and DUI/DWI laws.

If you are searching for the right Ignition Interlock vendor, Smart Start will go above and beyond to provide the best program.

We know Ignition Interlocks. One million people can vouch for us.

Do You Need an Ignition Interlock?

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Why Install an Ignition Interlock as an Option After a DUI Conviction?

Were you convicted of a DUI and you weren’t required to use an Ignition Interlock? Not every state has an all-offender Ignition Interlock law, although 30 states and DC do implement them given its proven record of reducing repeat drunk driving offenses.

You may be relieved that you don’t have to use an Ignition Interlock, but one of these devices in your vehicle could be more helpful to you than you think.

If this is your first DUI conviction, you’re not in an all-offender Ignition Interlock state, and your alcohol assessment showed signs of potential alcohol abuse, you could consider a voluntary Ignition Interlock program if you decide to continue to drink.

Voluntary or Optional Ignition Interlock Devices

So, why would you use an Ignition Interlock if you’re not required to use it? The device’s main goal is for you to be responsible on the road and to not get behind the wheel with too much alcohol in your system. There’s one way that Ignition Interlocks can play a part to help you on your journey to recovery from alcohol.

Holding Yourself Accountable

If you make the choice to install an Ignition Interlock into your vehicle, you are holding yourself accountable and avoiding drunk driving. The device will physically stop you from starting your vehicle if you have too much alcohol in your system.

An Ignition Interlock test only lasts seconds, and is easy to use. You also receive 24/7 customer support from Smart Start’s Customer Care Center if you need any assistance.

Nearing Your Ignition Interlock Removal Date?

Are you a current Ignition Interlock client? You can still receive the safety benefits from your device after your program.

If the end of your mandatory Ignition Interlock program is near, there’s still an option to continue keeping the device in your vehicle. Smart Start’s voluntary programs are convenient and affordable with easy breath testing patterns. States that have special voluntary programs in select shops are Texas, Kansas, North Carolina and Virginia.

Smart Start hopes you continue along your recovery journey, and that we are here to provide the proper tools if you need extra security for yourself and others on the road.

Want to Install an Ignition Interlock?

Smart Start operates throughout the U.S. with a reliable device and superior customer service. We also provide special pricing in some states for voluntary programs. Call our Customer Care Center today at (800) 831-3299 or fill out our short online form.