SERIES: What’s DUI School in Florida Like?

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Curious about DUI School in Florida?

You may need to complete an evaluation and class through a licensed DUI program as a requirement for your DUI conviction before reinstating your license.

Who Regulates DUI Schools in Florida?

If you want to meet your DUI requirements, you must pick a state-approved DUI School in Florida. You also need to make sure that you are completing the amount of hours your regulatory agency requires of you, because they vary by case. For instance, different states have different regulatory agencies who are in charge of driver’s license requirements. These entities may include the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), Department of Transportation (DOT), or Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Florida’s DUI system is regulated by the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). All DUI programs in Florida will have the same requirements, but this is not the same throughout the U.S. One state’s requirements for a first-time DUI offender may be different than what Florida requires. In this case, you may have to enroll in the Florida DUI Level 2 program to meet those requirements.

When you look up DUI Schools in Florida, make sure to search by county. The Florida DHSMV requires you to complete the DUI program in the county where you live, work or attend school. You will also need to pay the course’s fee and provide specific paperwork before enrolling.

What Happens at DUI School in Florida?

The DUI program in Florida consists of a class and an evaluation. The amount of class hours ranges in length depending on your conviction.

For first-time DUI offenders, you may need to complete a 12-hour course that is taught by a state-certified DUI Level 1 Instructor.  For a repeat offender, Florida requires a 21-hour class. The class follows a similar structure like any school with handouts, discussions, videos and lectures. The one-hour psycho-social evaluation is conducted by the Certified DUI Evaluator.

DUI Schools in Florida have a structured curriculum which include these topics:

  • The effect of alcohol and drugs on a person’s ability to operate a vehicle
  • Florida DUI laws
  • The DUI process through the courts and the DHSMV
  • Identify alternatives to safely get home rather than drinking and driving in the future
  • Local drug and alcohol resources available

Another DUI Requirement: Ignition Interlock

If you meet certain requirements, you may also need to use an Ignition Interlock Device. An Ignition Interlock helps you drive and continue with your day-to-day routine again. Ignition Interlocks are a requirement in Florida for all first-time offenders with a BAC level of .15 or higher, or repeat offenses. The court could order an Ignition Interlock at their discretion regardless of your case details, however.

With the right tools such as Ignition Interlocks, treatment and education, you’ll be back on the road safely in no time.

Florida DUI School Resources

The Florida DHSMV offers a county-by-county listing of licensed DUI programs in Florida.

DUI Schools Series State-by-State

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