SERIES: What’s DWI School in Texas Like?

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If you’re searching for DWI Schools in Texas, you probably need to attend an educational program to fulfill a court requirement. DWI School is one of several requirements you need to fulfill before reinstating your license upon a DWI conviction.

Every county in Texas has different educational programs, but has a standardized process. The court can provide you your options.

Who Needs to go to DWI School in Texas? When Do I Go and How Long is it?

Anyone with a first offense DWI and receiving probation needs to attend and complete an educational program certified by the department. In addition, second or third DWI offenders need to go through an alcohol assessment/evaluation and treatment process.

You will have 180 days, or about six months, to complete your program unless you were granted an extension. Your start date will usually be when your probation was granted. Your license will not be reinstated until you finish your educational program, as well as completing any additional requirements from the court.

The Texas DWI School Program

The standardized Texas DWI education program is 12 hours. The content of the program focuses on educating attendees about alcohol and drugs, and how they drastically change a person’s normal driving ability. The program’s focus also involves an individual identifying their alcohol/drug use, and to help them reduce any future DWI behavior.

DWI school courses include these topics:

  • Alcohol/drug and traffic safety problems
  • Texas DWI laws
  • Effects of alcohol/drugs
  • Driving task abilities and alcohol/drugs
  • Chemical dependency
  • Resources for assistance
  • Costs of a DWI

Texas DWI School and Ignition Interlocks Help

DWI School can assess, treat and educate individuals as opposed to sending them to prison or jail. This option has been proven to help reduce recidivism in drunk drivers.

Another tool that helps individuals reduce their chances of offending again is an Ignition Interlock Device.

Ignition Interlocks in Texas are a requirement for first-time DWI offenders with a BrAC level of .15 or higher, or repeat offenders. The devices allow individuals to drive again, but eliminates the possibility of drinking and driving.

With education, treatment and a tool that lets you get back to your daily routine, you’ll be back on the road safely in no time.

DUI Schools Series State-by-State

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