What is DUI School Like and What Can I Expect?

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If you have a DUI, you may have the option to attend a special class in alcohol education. Usually called DUI School, or an alcohol training program, the classes revolve around education and treatment on alcohol consumption. The classes are court ordered alongside other penalties from committing a DUI. In fact, DUI School can often be a less severe alternative as opposed to harsher sentences such as court fines or a suspended license.

When Am I Required to Attend DUI School?

The required period for attending DUI School can range on a case by case basis. For instance, if this case was your first, second or subsequent DUI offense. It can also depend on your state’s DUI regulations. Whichever the case, the classes are meant to reform one’s mindset when it comes to drinking and driving, and the danger it poses to themselves and everyone else.

In most states, you need to complete your DUI School requirement before applying for a restricted, temporary or Ignition Interlock-restricted license. So, your classes will be near the top of your checklist pertaining to your DUI case requirements. On the other hand, if this was your first offense, DUI School may be the only requirement you need to complete before driving again. However, this decision is up to your court and/or state regulations.

Check back on our blog to learn more about DUI Schools state-by-state. We will go over how long you need to attend, which programs you can choose and more.

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