When Do I Need an Ignition Interlock Device in Florida?

Smart Start Interlock Device Installation

If you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, you may be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device into your vehicle.

The Ignition Interlock Device is a tool to help those convicted of a DUI get back on the road again safely. For instance, before you start your vehicle, you need to blow into the device’s mouthpiece. After a few seconds, the Ignition Interlock will display your breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) results. If your BrAC level is too high, your vehicle won’t start.

When Do I Install an Ignition Interlock Device?

You will have a driver’s license revocation or cancellation period that will take effect on your conviction date. Before the end of this revocation period, you’ll need to apply for a restricted license.

Make sure to install your Ignition Interlock Device right away before you receive your restricted license. Why? Because the state will not issue you the restricted license until you have an Ignition Interlock Device installed.

Be sure to get your restricted license immediately after installing your Ignition Interlock! Your time with your Ignition Interlock does not start counting toward your required time until you have the restricted license in hand. The Ignition Interlock restricted license has the letter ‘P’ on it.

In addition, expect to install an Ignition Interlock Device on every vehicle you own and operate. If you don’t own a vehicle, you still need to install and use an Ignition Interlock Device to meet your requirements in Florida. You’ll need to borrow a family member or friend’s car with written permission. Once your device is installed with Smart Start, we will send proof of your installation to your monitoring authority.

Who Needs to Use an Ignition Interlock Device in Florida?

Below will help visualize who needs to use an Ignition Interlock Device and for how long.

Conviction(s): How Long You’ll Have Your Ignition Interlock Device

First: Only if court-ordered
First if BrAC at arrest was .15 or above or minor was in car: At least 6 months

Second: At least 1 year
Second if BrAC at arrest  was .15 or above or minor was in car: At least 2 years

Third: At least 2 years

Four+ Convictions: At least 5 years

DUI Manslaughter:  At least 2 years    

An Ignition Interlock Device can also be installed for individuals in the pretrial process.

Keep in mind that an Ignition Interlock Device is only one requirement out of several for a DUI conviction. However, you can still call Smart Start if you need any clarification about general DUI regulations in Florida.

Read more about Florida DUI and Ignition Interlock laws, forms and FAQs on our website.

Where Can I Get a State-Approved Ignition Interlock Device?

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