Can I Receive Financial Assistance During My Ignition Interlock Program?


Do you need to use an Ignition Interlock in your vehicle, but you’re worried about the costs involved?

Ignition Interlocks are inexpensive. In fact, an Interlock doesn’t cost more than a Starbucks coffee or a pack of cigarettes per day. However, we do understand that some of our clients may need a little more financial assistance.

Receive Financial Assistance with Smart Start

If you are wondering if you can receive financial assistance with an Ignition Interlock in your area, feel free to ask Smart Start’s Customer Care Center team. Available 24/7/365, even during weekends and holidays, we will go above and beyond to assist you.

If we cannot provide an answer to you, your monitoring authority, or whomever ordered you on the Ignition Interlock, will know how to help. When you visit a Smart Start service center, our technicians can also let you know how to qualify for the indigent program in your state.

Additional Tips

For example, to receive financial assistance, some states will require you to ask your court, or to fill out certain paperwork, such as Washington. Unfortunately, other states do not allow indigent programs.

At Smart Start, we understand that our clients come to us at what could be a stressful time. We strive to ensure convenience and affordability with the fairest pricing nationwide. We also try to offer a special or discount, such as free installation and/or free removal. Specials vary or are not available in every state. When you call, just ask our Customer Care representative about any specials happening in your state!

We can also provide you general pricing when you call so you have an idea of what you will be paying. We also have an overview of what an Ignition Interlock costs here on our blog.

Ignition Interlock Indigent Programs by State Series

Get Back on the Road!

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