Do I Qualify for the Illinois Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock (BAIID) Indigent Program?


If you must use a BAIID but need financial assistance, the state of Illinois may be able to cover some of your device costs under their indigent program.

The BAIID device is affordable with the fee being less than $3.50 per day. However, the state and Smart Start understands that you may still need to apply for the indigent program based on income level.

Keep in mind that your BAIID vendor does not make the decision on whether you qualify for the indigent program or not!

Illinois BAIIDs and the Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP)

In Illinois, if you are required to use a BAIID from a first DUI offense, you are eligible for the MDDP program through the Secretary of State (SOS). Second or subsequent offenders cannot be qualified for the indigent program.

Illinois Indigent Ignition Interlock Program

The SOS may waive some of your BAIID fees if they find you eligible for Illinois’ indigent program. The state considers you for the indigent program if your income is at 150 percent or more of poverty level.

For individuals who’d like to apply, a checkbox is in the application you need to fill out for the SOS before you receive your MDDP and have your BAIID installed. You’ll receive this application in the mail, and it needs to be returned to the SOS before your MDDP will be issued.

Required Costs with the Illinois Indigent Program

There are a couple of mandatory fees from the SOS, whether you’re indigent or not.

Anyone in the program must pay a $30 per month MDDP monitoring fee prior to receiving your MDDP to the SOS.  So, if you receive a 5-month permit, you will need to pay $150 before you receive your MDDP. There is also an $8 permit fee. In addition, some BAIID costs will be your responsibility if you damage the device, need to transfer it to another vehicle or go into lockout mode.

Once your MDDP is issued from the SOS, you’ll have 14 days from your issued date to choose a vendor, and install the BAIID into your vehicle.

You can read more about Illinois’ DUI law, any necessary forms and state FAQs on our website. The SOS also has a DUI fact book that covers all state regulations.

Ignition Interlock Indigent Programs by State Series

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