I Need Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance in New York!

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If you need Ignition Interlock financial assistance in New York because of a DWI conviction, you may be eligible for the state’s affordability program. This program can assist some clients who are qualified with the various costs of an Ignition interlock program, such as installation, monthly fees and/or removal costs.

In New York, the court determines an individual’s eligibility based on affordability. In other states, the regulatory agency of Ignition Interlocks will look at one’s indigency status.

Who is Eligible for Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance in New York?

In New York, clients can only be eligible for the affordability program if they are on conditional discharge or probation.  Those who must use an Ignition Interlock through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are not eligible.

How do I apply for Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance in New York?

You may ask the court to waive the installation fee and monthly charges by filling out New York’s Ignition Interlock Financial Disclosure form. This form will ask you to provide your monthly income from wages, personal property, monthly expenses and more. Make sure to fill out your information as accurately as possible so the court can determine your financial status. Once done, take the financial disclosure form and three additional copies to your sentencing court or monitoring authority.

The state suggests applying for New York’s affordability program as soon as possible because you only have 10 days after sentencing to install your Ignition Interlock!

If you are a Smart Start client, you can also call our Customer Care Center at (800) 831-3299 for any questions related to your Ignition Interlock program.

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