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With its easily replaceable control module, calibration is made simple and contactless.

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Hand holding a Smart Start 3030 Ignition Interlock Device

FLEX™ saves you time and money

The handheld device, which is about the size of a smartphone, has a sleek, stylish design with an intuitive interface. During the pre-calibrated FLEX-Cal module replacement process, the FLEX headset is never removed, ensuring that the licensed technician’s original device configuration remains intact and state required calibrations happen in seconds.
FLEX is powered by our patented FLEX-Cal™ technology which enables the pre-calibrated module to be quickly replaced in a contactless fashion.
No other Ignition Interlock provider offers that level of convenience.

It’s as easy as changing a battery

Image of 3030 Module
We’ll ship you a new module when your state authority requires it to be replaced. It only takes a few seconds to:

Unlock the module at the back of the device.

Remove the module by lifting on the tab at the bottom.

Insert the new module into the device and lock it into place.

Then return the old one to us with a preprinted label. It’s that simple.

FLEX’s innovative design is sleek and stylish

For nearly 30 years, our Ignition Interlock Devices have been known for easy, dependable operation and intuitive design. But FLEX takes Ignition Interlock to a whole new level.
Its futuristic style fits naturally and discreetly with any car interior. FLEX is designed to be compact and comfortable in your hand. And its simple, three-button interface offers the easiest operation of any Ignition Interlock on the market.
To learn more about FLEX Ignition Interlock, you can check out our comprehensive FAQs.
a hand holding a Smart Start FLEX™ with a screen on in a car
a person replacing the fuel cell module of a Smart Start FLEX™ Ignition Interlock in a car
a Smart Start FLEX™ ignition interlock device resting on the middle console of a car
a person holding a Smart Start FLEX™ ignition interlock in a car

The cornerstone of a complete Ignition Interlock program

Over 1 million clients have trusted Smart Start for more than just an Ignition Interlock Device. It’s the lowest-priced program from beginning to end, complete with knowledgeable, compassionate Program Advisors who are with you every step of the way.
Fast, professional installation on any model or age of vehicle.
24/7/365 multilingual Customer Care whenever you need it.
Transparent pricing, with no hidden fees or last-minute charges.
Thousands of locations nationwide; more than any other provider.

Our Client Portal app provides valuable flexibility

Download and enroll in our free Client Portal app to manage your Ignition Interlock account from anywhere. Our Client Portal makes it easy to:
  • Make your bi-weekly Ignition Interlock payment.

  • Set up AutoPay so you’ll never miss a payment.

  • Change your method of payment or contact information.

You can also upload documents, make notes, and view FLEX FAQs or a training video. Just search for Smart Start Client Portal in the Apple Store or Google Play.