Why Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Camera is Your Best Choice

If you need a camera to go alongside your Ignition Interlock, you’ll want to choose your vendor wisely. There’s several options in vendors out there, but careful research will show you that not all are the same.

A Discreet and Small Camera

Smart Start’s camera is discreet. It fits in the palm of your hand (just like our Interlocks), and could look like a dash cam to other drivers.

So, if you need to have a camera and you’re choosing an Ignition Interlock vendor now, why is Smart Start’s one to pay attention to?

Here’s why. Our cameras can adapt to any state’s requirement so you can complete your program successfully. For example, some states require a wide-angle lens or narrow-angle lens as part of their camera’s requirement. Whichever the case, Smart Start will be able to accommodate.

For our clients’ privacy, we ensure any add-on accessory you must have for your Ignition Interlock program is as non-invasive as possible.

Don’t know if you need a camera? You may want to check with your point of contact who is monitoring you for your Interlock program. Smart Start is not the entity that requires clients to use cameras. Cameras are a state and/or court-ordered regulation, depending on where you live.

Need more details on Smart Start’s camera? Our blog explains why having a camera during your Ignition Interlock program can be beneficial to you.

Do you need an Ignition Interlock? Smart Start’s here to help with other 25 years’ experience. When you reach out to our Customer Care Center, we can provide you a quote before your appointment. We’ll also schedule you for your Interlock installation day at your nearest Smart Start service center.

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