Need Ignition Interlock Financial Assistance in Nebraska?

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If you’re eligible, you could receive Ignition Interlock financial assistance in Nebraska during your required program period. An applicant needs to meet 150 percent or less of the federal poverty guidelines, but the state will review all your financial details.

What Does the Nebraska Ignition Interlock Indigent Fund Cover for Me?

The Nebraska Ignition Interlock Indigent fund is overseen by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you qualify, the state’s funds will cover your Ignition Interlock installation, your device removal and monthly monitoring costs.

How Do I Apply for the Nebraska Ignition Interlock Indigent Fund?

Fill out Nebraska’s indigent Ignition Interlock form to be considered for eligibility to their indigent fund. The form will ask for your household income, other monthly income, liquid assets, and more to determine your eligibility. You should also submit any additional documentation they need to review with your form.

Below is Nebraska DMV’s address to send your Ignition Interlock Indigent Form.

Department of Motor Vehicles
PO BOX 94877
Lincoln NE
68509 4877

Or you can fax your form to the DMV at 402-471-8288.

Apply for your Ignition Interlock Permit (IIP)

Once you are approved from the DMV for indigency status, you need to apply for your Ignition Interlock Permit, or IIP. To apply for your IIP, here’s what you need to do.

  • Install your Ignition Interlock from a state-approved provider, such as Smart Start. Make sure you bring the supporting documents from the DMV that shows approval for Ignition Interlock financial assistance.

  • Fill out your IIP application and then send it to the DMV, or fill it out online.
  • Provide your installation certificate to the DMV with your IIP application. Your vendor will provide this to you after installation, or you can opt for your vendor to email or fax the certificate to the DMV. To make this process easier, Smart Start will gladly do this service for you!

Finally, it should take about 10 days for your IIP to be issued to you from the DMV.

As the worldwide provider of Ignition Interlocks, Smart Start is here to help you with your program. If you have any questions about your Smart Start Ignition Interlock program, call our team at (800) 831-3299.

Ignition Interlock Indigent Programs by State

Need an Ignition Interlock in Nebraska?

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