Introducing the Smart Start Client Portal

Smart Start Client Portal; Smart Start app

Wouldn’t it be convenient to manage your Smart Start account like making payments or enabling auto-pay right from your smartphone, tablet or computer? What about choosing flexible payment plans that work for you? Or reviewing FAQs, training videos and your nearest service location? Available as an app or online, the Smart Start Client Portal is the answer to creating and managing your Smart Start accounts!

There’s many steps you can take on the Client Portal that you previously had to do over a phone call, but let’s hit the brakes and go over the basics: what the Client Portal is and how it benefits you.

Ready to make your Smart Start experience easier? Download the Smart Start Client Portal app via the Apple Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android phones.

The Benefits of the Smart Start Client Portal

The Client Portal makes it easier than ever to manage all your devices right from your smartphone or online. You can make payments at your preferred frequency, enable auto-pay, review your next service date, find nearby service centers and more.

New to Smart Start? Whether it’s an Ignition Interlock or SMART Mobile device, you can request an installation appointment in minutes with your preferred date and time and choose your nearest Smart Start service center location.

Already a Smart Start client? Here’s just a few things you can do on the Client Portal:

  • Payment Methods That Work for You
    Set up flexible payment methods. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly payments at your convenience.
  • Auto-Pay Options
    Don’t worry about remembering to call in for your regular payments. Just set-up auto-pay on the Client Portal and we’ll take it from there! You’ll receive confirmation emails for the payments you make.
  • Easy-to-Read Overview of Accounts
    Check your payment due dates on your Dashboard, which provides an overview of your Smart Start devices.
  • Purchase Ignition Interlock Unlock Codes
    You don’t need to pick up the phone or fill out a form to purchase unlock codes. Visit the Smart Start Client Portal and easily purchase an unlock code. (Remember that unlock codes are not applicable in some states.)
  • Locate Your Nearest Smart Start Service Location
    As a Smart Start client, quickly see where your nearest Smart Start service location is right from your phone. All you need to do is open the Client Portal and we’ll provide a list of service locations close to you!

Read More About the Client Portal

Why wait to download the Client Portal with all these features available, making your Smart Start program even easier? Experience the convenience of the Client Portal and download today!

Need to install an Ignition Interlock? Smart Start can help as the #1, worldwide provider! Make an installation appointment at (800) 831-3299, fill out our online form or download the Smart Start Client Portal app today.