Stricter Ignition Interlock Device Law in California Starting January 2019

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There’s going to be an expansion to the Ignition Interlock law in California that will take effect in a year. Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) in California will expand state-wide starting January 2019.

Senate Bill 1046 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown last year. The bill expands the IID program to the four counties who have been participating in the pilot IID program. Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tulare Counties have required IIDs for certain DUI offenders since 2010.

Due to the pilot program’s success in these areas, the bill has passed for IID use throughout California. The program’s results show that IIDs reduce DUI incidents, including repeat offenses.

Who Needs an IID Under the Ignition Interlock Device Law in California?

Here’s the scenarios that will make an Ignition Interlock Device mandatory in a DUI case.

  • A first DUI offense that also involves an injury
    • Required IID period: Six months
  • A first DUI offense that involves no injuries
    • An offender may choose a six-month IID requirement with full driving privileges, or a one-year restricted license that would only allow them to drive to and from work if they also participate in a treatment program
  • A second DUI offense
    • Required IID period: One year
  • A third DUI offense
    • Required IID period: Two years
  • A fourth or subsequent DUI offense
    • Required IID period: Three years

With the expansion of Ignition Interlocks across the state, California will start to see a positive change on its roadways. In other states where IID is a requirement for all offenders, there’s been a notable decrease in alcohol-related crashes, injuries and fatalities. An IID can prevent someone from starting their vehicle if they have too much alcohol in their system. In fact, Smart Start’s devices have stopped more than 11 million illegal vehicle starts throughout the U.S.

Smart Start applauds California in its proactive stance to eliminate drunk driving by expanding their Ignition Interlock law.

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