Smart Start Offers Ignition Interlock Mobile Installation Services

Smart Start's Ignition Interlock Mobile Unit Washington

When you need an Ignition Interlock, you will usually have to visit a vendor’s service center, get the device installed and receive training. In  California, Smart Start can reverse the role and come to you instead to install your Ignition Interlock.

Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock Mobile Services

Convenience, discretion and professionalism is what you’ll receive with our mobile service. For example, California is difficult to navigate with lots of traffic everywhere. Smart Start alleviates this daily stress by bringing the Ignition Interlock to multiple locations for you and your vehicle. In addition, our devices are small and hand-held, with tests that only last seconds.

How Does Smart Start’s Mobile Services Work in California?

Each mobile unit represents 10 service centers. This means the unit will cycle through and visit these spread-out locations on a regular basis. The different locations provide an option for clients to get their Interlock installed near a convenient place, such as their residence or office. Most units will be in the parking lots of offices where you need to visit if convicted of a DUI, such as defense attorneys’ firms, SR-22 Insurance provider offices or DUI treatment centers. Upon availability, our mobile units can also come to you at an address of your choice!

Getting an Ignition Interlock doesn’t have to be a stressful process when you choose the NO. 1 provider worldwide. If you are in  California, call our Customer Care Center today at (800) 831-3299 to get your Interlock installed through our convenient mobile service.

Not in California?

In Washington, we currently have a mobile van in the Seattle/Tacoma area offering Ignition Interlock program services such as calibrations or transfers.

In Texas, we offer a fully self-contained, mobile Ignition Interlock services vehicle in the DFW and Houston areas providing complete services such as installations.

Smart Start is planning on providing our mobile services to more states in the future.

Need to Get Back on the Road? Choose Smart Start!

Smart Start will provide the most reliable device and service out of any provider. Our Customer Care Center can give a quote, set up your appointment and offer any current discounts. Call Smart Start today at (800) 831-3299 or fill out our simple online form.