Can I Get Around the Ignition Interlock Device Tests?

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device and Camera in Vehicle

We know a tempting thought can pop up in some driver’s minds if they need an Ignition Interlock device: is there any way to get around the Ignition Interlock’s tests? Let’s go over this question, and why attempting to circumvent or bypass the device is just not a good idea.

Can You Get Around the Ignition Interlock Device Tests?

First, let’s describe the Ignition Interlock and its technology to understand how it works. An Ignition Interlock Device must be installed into a driver’s vehicle upon a DUI arrest and/or conviction. It can also be voluntarily installed. The driver cannot start their vehicle until they provide a passing breath sample into the device. The Ignition Interlock is measuring their breath alcohol concentration level or BrAC.

The way that Ignition Interlock technology works has been refined and updated throughout the years since the device’s existence. With alcohol-specific, fuel-cell technology, state-certified devices that also pass federal NHTSA standards will detect any bypassing or circumvention attempts. Not only that, but many states are adopting an add-on camera requirement to the Ignition Interlock, a feature first introduced by Smart Start, to truly identify who is taking the test.

Follow Your Ignition Interlock Program Requirements

It’s not a good idea to attempt to bypass or circumvent your Ignition Interlock Device tests. With the way your program works, it’s easy to detect users not complying with their requirements properly. In many states, you can face heavy consequences such as more fines, a longer time with your Ignition Interlock, a more severe suspension or revocation of your license, or even jail-time.

It’s best to comply with your Ignition Interlock program. Attempting to get around the Ignition Interlock device tests will only cause you a headache and more consequences. If you have any questions, Smart Start’s 24/7/365 Customer Care Center is standing by to help at (800) 831-3299. We want to help you get through your Ignition Interlock program the right way!

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