Former Smart Start Ignition Interlock Client Honored at Largest Drug Court Conference

Jose Montoya at the 2017 NADCP Drug Court Conference

As an Ignition Interlock provider, Smart Start is given the opportunity to see the positive change that some clients start to experience as they go through their programs. One such event was when a former client spoke this year at the largest conference for treatment courts and criminal justice reform in Washington, D.C.

Former Smart Start Ignition Interlock client, Jose Montoya, spoke during the Parade of Transformation at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Conference.

Jose, a DWI Drug Court alumni, provided his recovery testimony to thousands of drug court participants and professionals. Participants from all over the world heard his story, and he encouraged them to continue with their missions and goals. Jose also spoke as the Board President of his organization, the Mountain Star Rehabilitation Foundation (MSRF). MSRF provides recovery support for participants and their families as part of the local DWI Drug Court Intervention and Treatment Program.

From Addiction to Recovery – Drug Courts with the Proper Tools like Ignition Interlocks Work

Jose is one of thousands of people who transform their lives through the drug court programs. Drug courts have proven, for the past 20 years, to reduce recidivism in alcohol and/or drug-related offenses.

Smart Start was proud to attend, and see the tremendous growth and progress from a former Ignition Interlock client. Through the proper treatment, supervision and tools such as Ignition Interlocks, anyone can transform their lives for the better.

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