Who Manufactures Your Ignition Interlock Device (IID), and Why is It Important?


There are several reasons someone will choose one Ignition Interlock Device (IID) vendor over the other. They can include price, location and customer service. However, there’s one important and convenient factor to Smart Start’s process that may leave you second-guessing your other choice of vendor.

The factor is this:

Smart Start is a vendor with fully-integrated breath alcohol Ignition Interlock and portable device service. This means any service related to your IID, from installation, to repair, to monitoring, removal and everything in-between, is handled by Smart Start.

To be specific, Smart Start takes care of these important processes that leave you, the client, with a reliable IID and program.

  • Installation
  • Monthly services or calibrations
  • Removal
  • Manufacturing and repair
  • Distribution
  • Database and client account services
  • Customer service (24/7/365 availability, including weekends and holidays) 

Why is a Full-Service Ignition Interlock Manufacturer Important to You?

There are some IID vendors who do not have a fully integrated service to offer their customers. As a result, this can cause issues during your program when it should be a seamless process that that does not get in the way of your everyday routine. Plus, Smart Start customizes their IID programs to the laws and requirements of your state or county.

Smart Start’s all-in-one Ignition Interlock Device services are also U.S.-based with nearly 2,000 service locations, and we provide more than 25 years’ experience and knowledge in assisting our clients. In addition, we’ve provided our IIDs to more than a million clients.

If you are on the hunt for the right Ignition Interlock, Smart Start can provide you a discreet and affordable device with easy tests.

Need an Ignition Interlock Now?

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