CANADA: Government Member Pulled Over for Drunk Driving Supports Ignition Interlocks


In Canada, a member of the Saskatchewan Party caucus pleaded guilty to drunk driving in August 2016. After having to use an Ignition Interlock for a year, he now supports the expanded use of Interlocks throughout the Canadian province.

McMorris Supports Ignition Interlocks

According to news reports, MLA Don McMorris stated that the Interlock system was a “wonderful program,” and that they could end drunk driving.

Ignition Interlock Studies

The numbers from various studies in the U.S. hold true to McMorris’s statement. In the U.S., a comparison study was made between states with all-offender Ignition Interlock laws versus ones with less stringent Interlock regulations.

The difference is extraordinary. All-offender Interlock states have a 15 percent reduction rate in drunk driving fatalities compared to the other states.

In addition, in the same study, it was found that Interlocks are proving to be nearly just as safe as airbags.

Current Saskatchewan Drunk Driving Laws

In Saskatchewan, a new law on impaired driving took effect Jan. 1. First-time offenders with a BAC level between .04 and .08 must have their vehicle impounded for three days. The law also extends to repeat offenders and individuals who refused a breath test to use an Ignition Interlock.

Saskatchewan’s rate of impaired drivers is above the other Canadian regions, and is double the national average.

Stronger Ignition Interlock laws will help lower the percentage of drunk driving in Saskatchewan, and anywhere else worldwide.

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