(STUDY) Are Ignition Interlocks Just As Safe As Airbags?

Ignition Interlock Device

Public road safety and its technology is getting better and better. It’s no surprise that items like seat belts and airbags help deter accidents, injuries and death on our roadways.

So what about Interlock Devices, those in-car BrAC test machines that determine someone’s breath alcohol content?

It turns out that Ignition Interlocks save nearly just as many lives as airbags do.

According to the study, states with all-offender Interlock laws saw a .8 percent decrease in deaths for every 100,000 people each year, compared to mandatory airbag laws at .9 percent per 100,000 people.

This is a huge finding for Interlock Devices, and answers an ongoing question as to whether they are really effective at being safety tools on public roadways or not.

Mandatory Interlock Laws: Are They Working?

As more states implement their all-offender Interlock Device laws, a drastic change on our roads is making everyone take notice. In the same study, all-offender states have 15 percent less alcohol-related traffic fatalities than states with less stringent Interlock laws.

First-Time Offenders

All-offender Interlock laws are important, since first-time offenders are most likely going to drive drunk again. DUI offenders have driven drunk at least 80 times before they are arrested.

Reducing Recidivism in DUI Offenders

Interlocks also reduce drunk driving repeat offenses by 67 percent, based on multiple studies. All-offender states have even higher numbers in the reduction of repeat offenses.

The answer to the effectiveness of Interlocks is in the numbers. Interlock Devices are a proven tool, alongside airbags, in keeping our roadways safe.

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