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SmartMobile Basic FAQ

We’re always here with answers to your questions about using our SmartMobile Basic™ portable alcohol breathalyzer. Millions of customers depend on our home alcohol monitoring devices to deliver the most accurate results quickly and easily.

Instructional information can be found directly on the unit; see user instructions. Additional information will be given out during the enrollment process. A copy of the instructions is also available on the product support page.

SmartMobile takes a picture during test cycle while you are providing your breath sample. Please remember that all people in the room must be dressed appropriately during the test cycle. You may receive an “abort” or a “test incomplete” result if you have a bright window or light behind you when taking a test, or if you are in a room that is too dark for your face to register on the device.  SmartMobile does NOT take pictures at random.

This is the time period in which your monitoring authority has decided you must provide a test. If you miss a test window, a violation will be recorded. As the test window nears the end of the allotted time, the device will beep more frequently.

The speaker will beep randomly, and the LCD will display “Test Required Please Blow,” along with a timer indicating how much time you have to take a test.

Yes, but taking a test outside of a test window will not reverse a missed test.

A test with the result of “PASS” was not provided during a test window.

Violations can be caused by breath samples which contain alcohol, as well as a missed test windows. You have a limited number of violations each month. If you exceed your maximum number of violations, your device will begin a violation countdown.  You will be required to take your device to the nearest service center before the countdown completes.

This message is displayed as a result of a failed test. You will not be able to provide a test during this time. The “mm:ss” is a countdown timer, informing you how long you will have to wait to before the device will accept a new test.

This means air was sucked from the device instead of blown into the device. Wait until the device returns to “Ready” or “Test Required Please Blow.” This time, do NOT inhale.

This means that you did not complete the test cycle. Wait for the device to return to “Ready” or “Test Required Please Blow.” This time, blow a little longer and a little harder.

This means you’re blowing into the device with too much pressure. Wait for the device to return to “Ready” or “Test Required Please Blow.” This time, blow a little softer.

The device is in lockout due to missing your service/payment date. You are not able to take a test and are required to have the unit serviced. We do not offer lockout codes for SmartMobile Basic. You will need to take your device to the nearest service center to have it calibrated.

The device is in lockout because you have exceeded your violations limit. You will not be able to take a test and are required to have the unit serviced. We do not offer lockout codes for SmartMobile Basic. You will need to take your device to the nearest service center to have it serviced.

Contact 800-880-3394 and select Technical Support, or take your device to your nearest service center.

Press any button on the device, or plug it into a power source using the provided adapter.

Your monitoring authority has set up a random window during that time where the device will ask for a test.  You must comply with the requests of your monitoring authority.

This can happen if the camera is blocked during a test. You may also receive this notification if there is poor lighting, bright lights behind you, or if you are outside at night. Make sure your mouthpiece is inserted correctly and that you are in a well-lit area, and try your test again.

Plug the device into an electrical outlet or the USB port of a computer. If the battery is completely dead, it may take a few minutes to charge enough to turn it on again. If the device was stored in extreme cold overnight, it may also take some time to warm up.

In order to take a test, “Ready” or “Test Required please blow” must be displayed on your device. Make sure that your mouthpiece is aligned correctly and inserted all the way into the device.

The device is too hot and must be at room temperature. Please do not leave the device in a hot car.

The device is too cold and must be at room temperature. The device is equipped with internal heaters. Just plug the device in to activate them. You can also help avoid this issue by bringing the device inside when it is cold.

This means that the battery is low, and the device must be charged. Please plug your device into the charger and confirm that the charging icon is next to the battery on the screen. Wait a few minutes to allow time for your device to charge. Check the battery information by selecting Menu, and then Battery Information.

If the mouthpiece is not all the way in, or if it hasn’t been inserted correctly, the air ports may not be properly aligned. This could result in a “tamper detect” message. You may also receive that message if you are blowing compressed air instead of your own, or if you are blocking the exhaust port on the back of the device.  Additionally, if you blow too much moisture during a test, you will get this error. You should rinse out your mouth before each test, but make sure to swallow any lingering moisture or saliva before testing.

If your device is not functioning correctly, a “Hard Reset” will often correct the issue. Insert a paper clip into the small reset hole on the back of your SmartMobile Basic and hold it down for 60 seconds. The screen will flash off and then back on when the reset is complete.