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SmartMobile Portable Alcohol Monitoring

The Most Reliable Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device

The SmartMobile™ Advantage

  • More robust and less expensive than other portable devices.
  • Meets with evidence-based practices in delivering immediate or 24-hour violation notifications.
  • Geared specifically for the needs of clients at all risk levels.
  • Provides facial identification and optional GPS tracking.
  • Onboard data storage and court-admissibility.

You’ll be able to:

  • Impose immediate sanctions.
  • Hold clients accountable.
  • Encourage change in alcohol-related behaviors.
Photo of SMART Mobile and Carrying Case
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Holds a charge for up to 5 days


Large, easy-to-read display


Cellular capabilities powered by Verizon®


Removable mouthpiece


USB charger-compatible


Built-in camera


Screen displays next scheduled test window or whether next test is random

  • Battery Life

    Long-lasting battery can go up to five days on a single charge.

  • LCD Display

    SmartMobile’s large, easy-to-read display makes portable alcohol monitoring easy.

  • Simple Menu

    SmartMobile’s menu provides clear and simple access, with the device’s main screen displaying scheduled, or random, test windows.

  • Easy Charging

    USB capabilities to charge SmartMobile on the go.

  • Powerful Cellular Capabilities

    SmartMobile is powered by Verizon®.

  • Removable Mouthpiece

    SmartMobile’s removable mouthpiece allows for easy cleaning.

  • Built-in Camera

    Built-in camera provides facial identification.

The SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring device features customized tests, such as scheduled, random or on-demand, to help all your clients at any stage during their program. SmartMobile is price-competitive, self-contained, discreet, and does not require the use of a smartphone.

SmartMobile is powered by Verizon, the most powerful provider of cellular connectivity in the U.S., and only requires calibration every nine months. In addition, the SmartMobile portable alcohol monitoring device provides automatic retests following an initial violation.

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