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Ignition Interlock in Balch Springs is More Than a Device. It's a Program.

If you’re searching for a car breathalyzer after a DWI or DUI, we offer the best Ignition Interlock Device in Balch Springs, Texas. We will help you successfully complete your car breathalyzer requirement with support from caring, compassionate specialists who understand everything you need to know about Ignition Interlock in Texas.

However, you’ll be getting more than just an Ignition Interlock Device. We’ll be with you right from the beginning with the services and support you need. The cheapest Ignition Interlock program in Balch Springs, Texas, includes 24/7/365 Customer Care that makes your Ignition Interlock program as easy as possible.

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Ignition Interlock Locations in Balch Springs, Texas

Let's get started with an installation in Balch Springs, Texas that fits your schedule, at one of the convenient locations below.

  • Estrella Insurance

    1010 E 8th St
    Dallas, TX 75203
    (833) 407-3563
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  • Texas Tire and Auto Repair

    4870 Sunnyvale St
    Dallas, TX 75216
    (214) 347-0961
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  • Mobile Installations of Texas

    3215 S Peachtree Rd
    Ste 143
    Balch Springs, TX 75180
    (214) 960-3201
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The Cheapest Ignition Interlock Device in Balch Springs, Texas

Need the cheapest Ignition Interlock Device in Balch Springs, Texas? Smart Start has you covered.

If you’re in Texas and you’re looking at a first-time DUI charge, a restricted license allows you to drive during your court-ordered period as long as you install an Ignition Interlock Device. That’s why Smart Start offers the cheapest Ignition Interlock Device in the Balch Springs, Texas area.

We’ll walk you through the process

You might feel like your requirement period just got more confusing, but take a deep breath and read on. Smart Start not only offers the cheapest Ignition Interlock Device in the Balch Springs, TX, but we also offer quick, affordable installation. That means that your DUI doesn’t have to drain your budget. With our Ignition Interlock Devices, you’ll get back on the road as quickly as possible, and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

Sleek, discreet Ignition Interlock devices

Of course, at Smart Start, we know that you’re not JUST worried about your wallet; you’re also concerned about your reputation. Our Ignition Interlock devices are designed with discretion in mind. They’re small, with a sleek, black design and an inspired shape. At first glance, they look kind of like a cell phone—which means that other passengers in your car won’t be giving any second glances.

Schedule your installation today

As you move forward, let Smart Start help you get back on the road. Call (800) 831-3299 NOW to schedule your ignition interlock installation at a location that’s convenient for you. Or, visit our convenient online form, and we’ll call you. Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock devices are made right here in-state.

With the cheapest Ignition Interlock Device in Balch Springs, TX, your choice is clear. Schedule your installation today.

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