Smart Start Ignition Interlock Held in Vehicle

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An Ignition Interlock Device is a breathalyzer that tests Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) when it is installed in a motor vehicle. After blowing into a mouthpiece, a driver will not be able to start the vehicle if their BrAC meets or exceeds a pre-set level. It is often a condition of sentencing for a DUI or DWI.

The Ignition Interlock Device goes by any number of names: IID, BAIID, car breathalyzer, automobile interlock, or simply “blow and go.” No matter what you call it, it helps to understand what an Ignition Interlock Device is — especially if you’ve recently been charged with DUI or DWI.

Choose Your Ignition Interlock Provider Thoughtfully

Ignition Interlock Devices are High-Tech

It sounds like magic: If your BrAC is at or above a defined level, the car won’t operate.

But Ignition Interlock actually utilizes sophisticated technology through an alcohol-specific fuel cell sensor. When breath reaches the fuel cell, a chemical reaction generates an electric current that is electronically measured and turned into an alcohol reading.

Our Ignition Interlock Devices feature the most advanced technology in the industry. They’re attractive, discreet, compact, and easy to use. It’s everything you need to keep rolling after a DUI.

The evolution of Ignition Interlock Technology

Quality Installation is Important

It’s not enough just to know what an Ignition Interlock Device is. It has to be installed correctly and you have to know how to use it. Smart Start provides superior installation and training that make us different than other providers.

Our technicians have experience installing Ignition Interlock Devices in virtually every type of vehicle. They’re proud of their expertise, and they’ll show you everything you need to know about how to use the device to keep rolling with no disruption.

Even the best Ignition Interlock Device is less effective if you’re not fully educated about using it. During the installation process, you’ll watch a video that covers the basics of using your device. Our expert technicians will follow up with hands-on training, and practice for taking your tests.

Take a look at our training video

Equipment is Only Part of the Equation

It also helps to understand other factors that separate Ignition Interlock providers. Here’s why you should trust Smart Start.

We have provided superior Ignition Interlock installation, service and support for more than a million drivers since 1992. That’s why we know that a great Ignition Interlock program is about more than just the device.

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Costs can vary depending on your state or monitoring authority. But we take pride in being up front about our Ignition Interlock fees. Don’t expect any “gotcha” charges. We don’t believe in them.
  • No long-term contracts. We don’t believe in those, either.
  • 24/7/365 multilingual customer care. When you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We’re familiar with requirements in your state or local jurisdiction. And we’re here every step of the way during your Ignition Interlock requirement.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?  It’s important technology that could save your life and countless others. But Smart Start also includes industry-leading pricing, service and support.  Call Smart Start today at (800) 831-3299 to make an appointment. It’s also easy to get an online quote.