LAW: Washington’s Ignition Interlock Compliance-Based Removal Extends to 6 Months

Ignition Interlock Device

Washington is enforcing a stronger regulation for those who must use an Ignition Interlock Device. The state will now be extending compliance-based Ignition Interlock removal from four to six months to all applicable individuals.

The new law, House Bill 1614, was signed by the Governor and took effect September 1, 2017.

Details on Washington’s New Compliance-Based Ignition Interlock Law

These recent changes extend the compliance-based removal of your Ignition Interlock in Washington. Compliance-based removal means if you did not have any alcohol-related violations, you can have your device removed.

Previously, the compliance period was four months. Individuals now must have six months of compliance with no alcohol-related violations before the Interlock restriction is removed from their license.

In addition to no alcohol-related violations, there are certain factors that cannot occur during your six-month period if you want it removed:

  • Any attempt to start your vehicle with a BAC of .04 or more
  • Failure to take any random test
  • Not passing any random retest with a BAC of .025 or lower
  • You didn’t appear at the service center when required for: maintenance, repair, calibration, monitoring, inspection or replacement of the device.

How Do I Know My Ignition Interlock Removal Date?

Make sure to check with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) office to confirm the end date of your device. If you are a client, you can also ask the Smart Start Customer Care Center about anything related to your Ignition Interlock program at 800-831-3299.

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