What to Expect During Your Smart Start Nebraska Ignition Interlock Program

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Client in Vehicle

Do you need to install an Ignition Interlock in Nebraska? If this is the case and you chose Smart Start as your provider, then you’ve picked the best Ignition Interlock program in Nebraska! Let’s go over what to expect at the beginning, middle and finally the end of your Smart Start Nebraska Ignition Interlock program. First, it’s important to explain the installation process.

Creating an Installation Appointment and What to Expect

If you haven’t already, make sure to schedule your installation appointment with Smart Start as soon as you are told you need an Ignition Interlock. We make it easy by providing your quote, your nearest service location and any other details to get you through your program successfully! Just call (800) 831-3299 or fill out our online form.

Make sure to bring the following items to your installation appointment.

  • Two forms of ID
  • Proof of residence

Our friendly technicians will walk you through how your Ignition Interlock breath tests work and answer any of your questions before you leave the service center. As our team is installing the Ignition Interlock device into your vehicle, you’ll have the opportunity to watch our training video and sign any necessary paperwork. You’ll be in and out of your installation appointment, and driving again, before you know it!

Now that you have the Ignition Interlock in your vehicle, let’s discuss what to generally expect during the program.

During Your Smart Start Nebraska Ignition Interlock Program

The first thing to know is that you must visit a Smart Start service center on a regular basis to calibrate your device. These calibration services only take a few minutes as our technicians ensure your Ignition Interlock is still working properly. Your service appointments are typically every 30 days in Nebraska.

You’ll also realize quickly that you need to perform random running retests throughout your driving trips. These retests ensure you are holding yourself accountable by not drinking and driving. In Nebraska, you have up to six minutes to pull over, park safely and provide a breath test when the Ignition Interlock prompts for a random running retest.

Completing Your Smart Start Nebraska Ignition Interlock Program

If you’re near the end of your Smart Start Ignition Interlock program in Nebraska, then congratulations! Make sure you confirm and schedule your removal appointment. Once you arrive at the service center, the technicians you’ve come to know and trust will carefully remove the Ignition Interlock from your vehicle.

Have any questions about your Smart Start Nebraska Ignition Interlock program? Our 24/7/365, bilingual Customer Care Center is here for you at (800) 831-3299!

Get Back on the Road with a Smart Start Ignition Interlock

Need an Ignition Interlock now? Smart Start provides same-day Interlock installations, excellent pricing and unbeatable customer service. Schedule your Ignition Interlock installation today by calling (800) 831-3299 or by filling out our online form.