Will Self-Driving Cars Stop Drunken Driving, And Do They Affect Interlock Devices?

Smart Start Ignition Interlock Device (IID) the SSI-20/30

Technology is evolving in ways people originally thought were impossible. it’s as if we are turning science fiction into fact. We are developing ways to cure what were once fatal diseases, using top-notch devices and products, and even developing self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles.

This extreme shift for our society begs an important question. Will self-driving cars prevent drunk driving?

Who is Developing and Promoting Self-Driving Cars

Companies in the technology and transportation industry, such as Tesla, Apple and Google (or Waymo), want to change how we drive with a mission to create safer roadways. For instance, people who are impaired after a night of drinking do not have to even touch the wheel with a self-driving car getting them back home.

Organizations such as MADD praise self-driving vehicles, saying that, “this car is going to be the cure.” They also mention that the development of this advanced technology will reduce crashes, fatalities and injuries on roadways.

Will this new era of the transportation industry change how we use Interlock Devices?

For now, and for a very long time, Interlock Devices are mandatory for safer roadways. In fact, some reports say that all self-driving cars will need Interlocks installed for utmost safety.

There are other questions that need to be raised as well. Who exactly is liable for a self-driving car? There is the debate that an impaired person is still behind the wheel and must start the vehicle somehow. These topics are a little hazy, but one thing is certain as we continue to shift and expand our technology for the future…

Interlock Devices Are the Solution

Interlock Devices directly stop someone from drinking and driving by detecting someone’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) level within seconds. They reduce repeat offenses drastically, and more than half the nation mandates an all-offender law for Interlocks. They are also an effective tool to help promote a healthier state of mind to not drink and drive.

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