Are Random Rolling Retests on Interlock Devices Dangerous?

When searching Ignition Interlock Device (IID) information online, some sites may report that when IID’s prompt for a random rolling retest, it is extremely dangerous. They even say that the IID could shut down your vehicle while you are driving.

Don’t be fooled. No state-approved Interlock Device vendor would create a product that is a safety hazard for you, such as turning your vehicle off, if you fail or miss a rolling retest.

We repeat: State-approved Interlock Devices will NEVER shut your engine off while you are driving your vehicle. You may receive a violation for missing or failing a rolling retest, however.

What are Random Rolling Retests?

Rolling retests are an extremely helpful measure for your program. They ensure that there is no drinking and driving at all. The IID will prompt for a random rolling retest during your drive every 30-45 minutes, but varies state-by-state.

State regulations determine how long you have to perform the rolling retest, but they are usually up to six minutes. This gives you some time to pull over, put your vehicle in park and take a breath test that will only last a few seconds.

Smart Start is here for you

Smart Start is a reputable and state-approved Interlock Device provider, which means you get the best in an IID. The speedy testing and accurate results in all Smart Start IID’s is made possible by fuel cell technology, an alcohol-specific sensor that detects any breath alcohol in your system.

We hope we’ve alleviated the fears you had over some IID myths about random rolling retests generated by other websites. Smart Start’s number one focus is customer service. This means we always strive to make your Interlock Device program seamless and successful.

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