Personal Breath Tester Raffle

Smart_Start_OR_UnitSmart Start of Oregon Judicial Services Liaison, Ric Walker presents William “Bill” Toland, with “Door Prize” from the 2015 DUII Multi-Disciplinary Impaired Driver Training Conference, at the Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare office in Milwaukie, Oregon. Toland, had put his card in the raffle to win a Smart Start of Oregon Personal Breath Tester, or PBT. Bill Toland is a Level II Certified Alcohol / Drug Counselor with Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare and he was very happy to be selected as the Prize winner. Congratulations Bill!

Smart Start of Oregon’s breath testers are certified by the State of Oregon and National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. The feature 24-hour customer service and have installation facilities across the state so that you can have your device installed and maintained without any inconvenience.

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