Pennsylvania Will Save More Lives with Ignition Interlocks

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Pennsylvania is set to enact an all-offender Ignition Interlock law starting August 25. This new law will require more offenders to drive with an Ignition Interlock. This new legislation will make traveling safer with fewer impaired drivers on Pennsylvania roads.

The New, All-Offender Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Law

If someone is convicted of a DUI, installing an Ignition Interlock in their vehicle is likely necessary if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is .10 or higher. The requirement of an Ignition Interlock varies, however. For instance, if a drunk driver has a lower BAC level but has a child in the car, they will need an Interlock, too.

Instead of the offender getting their license suspended, they will instead have the option to apply for a limited license from PennDOT and legally drive again with an Interlock.

Previous Drunk Driving Law in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s previous drunk driving law only deemed Ignition Interlocks mandatory for repeat offenders. However, in various nationwide studies, the recidivism rate for repeat offenders significantly drops if an Interlock is in use after a first offense. In a CDC study, the recidivism rate lowered 32 percent amongst a group of Ignition Interlock users during the 30 months following the removal of an Interlock. The CDC also states that the average drunk driver will drive intoxicated 80 times before a first arrest.

License Suspension Versus Ignition Interlocks

Under the previous law, one’s license will be suspended for a first-time DUI offense. But studies also prove that license suspension alone is not an effective deterrent to drunk driving. In fact, offenders will continue to drive regardless of the suspension because there is nothing physically stopping them. Ignition Interlocks will not allow someone to drive their vehicle if they fail a breath test.

Ignition Interlocks allow people to continue their everyday routine while driving safely again. They can continue to go to work or school while improving their lives.

Smart Start Gets You Back on the Road

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