North Carolina: Community Event, Safety City, Includes Interactive, Drunk Driving Education

North Carolina Safety City Area at State Fair

The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program (GHSP), along with other organizations, had a booth at the state fair in Raleigh that visitors won’t easily forget. With a focus on road safety, one of the various topics attendees learned about included drunk driving education, which could be life-saving knowledge.

What Was at Safety City?

The various features at the Safety City booth were interactive but also informative. All the different stations at the booth showed the dangers that affect our roads, such as distracted, reckless and drunken driving.

Participants could:

  • Ride the seat belt convincer to learn about seat belt security and experience a crash simulation
  • Tour the B.A.T. Mobile, a breath alcohol testing unit with a mobile lab and magistrate’s court room. These units are used at checkpoints throughout North Carolina to identify and remove impaired drivers off the road.
  • Wear alcohol impairment goggles, and
  • Take the Vision Zero pledge

Who Were the Organizations Involved in Safety City?

NC Vision Zero is an organization launched by Former Governor McCrory of North Carolina. They fight to combat and prevent road-related deaths in the state. Their goal is to cut roadway fatalities in half within the next 15 years. But ultimately, they want zero deaths on North Carolina’s roads.

Safety City includes NC Vision Zero, MADDSafe KidsBikeSafeBeRailSafeWatch for Me, the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, and various law enforcement organizations.

Road Fatality Stats

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “one-third of fatal teen crashes occur at night, and over half of those crashes happen between 9 a.m. and midnight.” Not only that, but drunk driving deaths overall have unfortunately increased for the second subsequent year in a row.

Local events such as Safety City remind communities why we need to pay more attention to the dangers of behavior like drunk driving. Sharing the mission of keeping all roadways safe, Ignition Interlocks are the only tools available to physically stop someone from starting their car if they’re too drunk.

Smart Start shares in Safety City’s goal to bring safer roads to not only North Carolina, but the entire country’s as well.

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