MADD Victim Impact Panels: Why Do I Have to Go?

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Convicted of a drunk or drugged driving offense? You may need to attend a MADD Victim Impact Panel (VIP). The VIP’s goal is for attendees to understand the lasting and long-term effects of substance impaired driving.

What are MADD Victim Impact Panels?

At MADD VIPs, victims, survivors and others impacted by substance-impaired driving crashes speak to attendees about their experience. The first-person account creates more of an empathetic understanding of what can occur when driving impaired. Ultimately, the panels show a perspective that is often overlooked, or it cannot be taught by the courts.

How Do MADD Victim Impact Panels Work?

MADD VIPs are throughout the U.S., available to those who must attend or would like to as an option. The program structure is different in each county, but there’s usually a small fee to attend, and the panel can last a couple hours. The fees collected go back to local communities to assist with ending impaired driving. The speakers do not call out or blame anyone. They simply tell their story, and hope to reach out to offenders to inspire them to think about the consequences before getting behind the wheel impaired.

The panels not only share a more emotional perspective on the effects of impaired driving, but they also hope to reduce recidivism in offenders after they attend.

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